Not Just Cookies

Mhmmmm!!… is the sound you hear as students walk by the school store. That rich aroma of chocolate chip cookies fills the air and makes your taste and smell senses go wild. This is what students think of when they hear the words, Foran School Store. However, the school store has another side to it that not many students don’t see. The Foran School Store offers a variety of Foran apparel. From Hoodies and Sweatpants to Toddler clothes, the Foran School Store meets all needs.

Students are able to come with creative ideas for t-shirt designs and the Foran School Store will try its best make your creation come to life.Students are able to submit designs for a custom shirt and the Foran School Store team delivers it to you as soon as the shirt is completed.

The holiday season is coming soon and many students have a tough time picking out a present for a loved one. Well, the School Store has the answer with its new item,Holiday Gram. These special stockings include a stuffed bear and are only here for a limited time only. They contain candy and a special gift certificate to the School Store which allows you to get 2 free cookies. So, surprise a loved one, friend, or teacher with a special gift from the Foran School Store. It will make their holiday season even better.

The Foran School Store has become a very popular stop in the hallways at Foran over the years. Students love the School Store and believe that it is a vital part to what makes Froan such a great school. Hannah Pouliot, a sophomore, said “I love the school store, the cookies, the people, and the clothes are the best parts about it.” Even teachers love coming to the school store. Mr. Noyes, a Social Studies teacher, says “It makes red hall smell yummy” and Mr. Connors also said, “The ovens should be closer to the 4th floor and that delivery would be a great addition to the store.”

Many people have asked, “How do I join the School Store?” Well its very simple, all you have to do is sign up for Retail Marketing with Mrs.Brown. The class teaches you the ins and outs of management and marketing. The best part is being able to go down to the store and help sell cookies and Foran apparel to students and teachers of Foran. Its a really fun class and will help anyone who is looking to go into business or start their own store. The school store is open everyday and all the hours are posted on the front of the store.