Senior Advice to Underclassmen

Tips for Making Plans for the Next Chapter


High school organization: A senior planner showing the different dates and cover with pencil. Photo courtesy to Madison Babcock, December 8 2020.

Daniel Abate and Madison Babcock

     Oftentimes students wonder what senior year is like and now more than ever it can be beneficial for underclassmen to get advice from current seniors about what to expect and how to best prepare for it. 

     Your senior year of high school is when students prepare for adult life, college, and their future career; it holds very many memorable moments.

     Unfortunately, this year’s senior class might not be able to have many of the traditional activities due to Covid-19. 

     “I’d say our senior year probably has been different than other years due to the pandemic,” says Senior Ben Geier, “Usually there are tons of senior activities and fun stuff at the end of the year, but because of Covid, that could always change.”

     Geier shares that senior year is really different depending on the person and for him, it came more easily, “I pretty much know the school like it’s the back of my hand and there is no stress about your appearance or anymore freshman year jitters. The years leading up to senior year prepare you for it.” 

     Senior year is really unlike any other year. With special events, activities, and memorable moments, everything leads you into your college years and beyond.

     It is smart to prepare yourself for senior year and it’s always good to get advice about many things such as work, situations and more.

     Senior Stephanie Cusanelli, advises to “try to do your work ahead of time even if it’s due in like two days because there is a good chance you will get more work for other classes that day and you will struggle to finish all of it.”

     Cusanelli continues to say, “Try your best to do at least two to three assignments a day and don’t overwhelm yourself with it. You can always ask the teacher for extra time, they are here to help and will understand.” 

     School counselor Ms. Kelianna Bonn, is one of the many people at Foran who could answer questions regarding senior year and the events following.

     “When it comes to the college process, I encourage students to explore all options, have meaningful conversations with family and professionals, and step outside of their comfort zone,” says Bonn, “The college process can be stressful, so I do my best to alleviate stress and make the process as fun as possible.’’

     The college decision process comes with a large amount of preparation. Senior Jolene Golino recommends students, “research colleges and visit them if you can in person or virtually, it helps a lot with deciding.”

     Making sure you have some subjects in mind to write about, helps when the time comes to prepare yourself for starting the college process. Virtual google meets and going in person (if possible) to take a tour of college can help find out what colleges you are interested in and what schools you want to attend.

     With advice from people who understand the senior experience, it can really best prepare you for your future high school moments and lead you to a good place to be instead of struggling not knowing what to expect.