Relieve Stress and Manage Time

Lists: efficient and organized tool for work. Photo courtesy: Stephanie Galaburri, January 10, 2021.

Lists: efficient and organized tool for work. Photo courtesy: Stephanie Galaburri, January 10, 2021.

Stephanie Galaburri, Staff Writer

     We often hear from others that we need to learn how to manage our time. Especially as students, the pressure to get work done can be overwhelming. 

     “The same study skills you needed in elementary school are not the same study skills you’re going to need and time management skills you’re going to need in high school,” says history teacher Mrs. Rachel Rowley. The ability to plan is extremely important and something that will relieve the stress of work, school, etc. 

     “If I make a list, here’s all these ten things I know I have to do. But now I can concentrate on just one of them. Because I have the other nine written down,” Rowley says. Instead of attempting to remember all the work given, writing it down will allow you to put your best effort into each assignment. 

     Junior Arezoo Ghazagh currently takes three AP classes and plays three sports. “My system for managing time is creating a calendar for myself with due dates of assignments and other commitments.” This helps her remember everything she has to do and when they are due.

     Knowing when to take breaks plays a big role in learning how to manage time. The brain can only work so long before effort becomes unproductive.

     The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique used by millions across the world. says to first pick a task and set a 25 minute timer. Then, work on your task until the timer rings. When that is done, take a five minute break. Every four pomodoros, or 25 minute rounds, take a longer break anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Repeat this process until all your work is done. If you remember something you are supposed to do that does not relate to the current assignment, write it down and save it for a break. 

     Big tasks are intimidating to look at, let alone start. The Pomodoro Technique is a tool to use for homework, studying, personal projects and any other chores you may have. Breaking things down into small amounts of time makes scary projects easier to start and easier to finish. 

     Health teacher Mr. Jeffery Raucci says, “Understanding your personality and how long it typically takes to accomplish certain tasks requires experience, so the more you do this, the better you get at it and the more efficient you become. Experience and trial and error is the only way you will find out!”