Student Spotlight: Mia Williams and Her Drive to Success


On a mission. Pictured is Mia running down the field this summer with the ball looking to score. Photo courtesy: Mia Williams, July 2020

Morgan Viesselman, Staff Writer

     Mia Williams, a junior, is already on the road to success at such a young age. With maintaining good grades and a very good athletic career, Mia is set for her future.

     Williams has always had a love for sports ever since she was little. From participating in baseball, hockey, and running cross country, Mia was always involved in extracurriculars. Although she was an athlete in many sports, her favorite was lacrosse. As soon as she picked up the stick for the first time, she knew this was what she wanted to do. 

     Mia was a big asset to the Foran Girls Lacrosse team her freshman year after making varsity and becoming a starter. The Foran girl’s lacrosse coach Coach Drew said, “It is no surprise to me that from the moment she joined our team she was difficult to keep out of the starting line up.”

     Coach Drew adds, “Mia, from the moment she stepped on the field at Foran High School, has been one of the hardest working athletes that I have ever coached.” Mia has always been dedicated to every sport and activity she has been a part of.

     The high school lacrosse 2020 season didn’t happen because of the closing down of schools in March, but that didn’t stop Mia. She was outside practicing everyday in her own backyard or on the field. She also continued to play throughout the summer with her travel team, Nor’easter Lacrosse Club.  

     While many of Mia’s 11th grade classmates are just starting the college search process, she has already finished. All of Mia’s hard work paid off when she committed to playing Division 1 women’s lacrosse at Wagner College in October of 2020.

     “At the Varsity level for high school sports the best players play, This means that the athlete not only has the skills to compete on the field but the mentality as well..  Mia is that type of player,” Coach Drew also says.  

     Williams says, “Lacrosse has become a big part of my life and I didn’t want it to end when my high school career was over.” Mia puts in hard work and effort into this sport and it shows. Mia also includes, “I want to play at the next level to see how far the game will take me.”

     The recruiting process was not easy. Having to look at almost hundreds of schools to find out which is best for Mia and which one would help her succeed the most. Mia knew that she had to “gain confidence in [her] abilities and to keep grinding.”

     Before committing, everyday was just another day for Mia to get stronger physically and mentally. Going to the gym and reading motivational books are her favorite ways to stay in shape. The books she reads encourage Mia to, “create a mindset for greatness” and boost her confidence in herself. 

     Mia has always been super athletic since elementary school and loved to always be moving. She is a part of Milford Crossfit and attends the facility to workout multiple days a week.  

     Academics is another strength for Williams. While taking 2 AP classes, Mia stays on top of all her work and maintains amazing grades. She has been a part of the honor roll all throughout high school for every quarter. 

     Mia is self-driven, motivated, and hard working. She sets goals for herself to achieve and then exceed. She wants to be the best version of herself and she wants others to see that too. Mia is climbing to the top and wants to continue to go up.