Building Bonds With Peers


Photo Caption: Senior Jacob Shushan and his best friends. Photo Courtesy: Jacob Shushan September 5, 2020

Tatyanna Bun, Staff Writer

     Making and keeping friends in life can be very hard and difficult for some people. So it is important to know and think about what it means to be a good friend to someone and how valuable it actually can be. 

     According to, it is evident that having strong friendships increases a sense of belonging and purpose. Friends can help lower stress and boost happiness, improve self confidence and self worth, help cope with traumas and encourage you to live a healthy life. 

     Senior Jacob Shushan says, “Having a good friend or strong friendship with someone is so important because it gives you a sense of security and happiness. Friendship means you’re able to trust and confide in someone, which everyone should have.”

     The meaning of friendship and being a good friend varies for different people, but it ultimately shares the same ideas and values.

     Senior Brittany Soriano  says, “Friendship to me means someone I can trust and rely on whenever I need them. It’s also important to build trust with someone because without trust there is no friendship. I’m super grateful for the friends I have, they always help me feel better and less stressed when I am with them.” 

     Trust is something that is earned between people and is very valuable, many people say that one of the main characteristics of a good friend is someone that is trustworthy. 

     Junior Julissa Carr says, “For me I would have to say trust is the most important characteristic of being a good friend. That is because when your friends with someone you want to be feel free to talk and tell them stuff about you that you normally wouldn’t tell people.”

     Senior Joey Cappello says, “I have friends that I have known since elementary school and our friendship is strong. That is because we make memories together and we all just know how to have fun and have a good time. I trust all my friends and know they have my back like I have theirs.”

     Some people may take for granted the friendships they have and forget that friendship goes both ways. One person should not be putting in all the effort to make plans or talking. It is important to remember that our friends need us to and we should check on them as well.