Going To College: Get Involved in Greek Life


Holiday Festivities: Michael Giordano and his brothers at a Christmas event at the University of South Carolina. Photo courtesy of Jack Medve, December 15, 2020.

Anthony Giordano and Luca Ubaldi

     As high school students transition into college, it’s important to build new bonds and new relationships. Greek life is a social organization broken up into fraternities and sororities. There are many types of fraternities (frats) and sororities that college students rush to every year. During the fall or spring, frats and sororities hold rushing events for students to see if they would like to join. At these events, it’s very easy to make new friends and possibly join a social organization. Also, Greek Life organizations are focused on developing leadership skills and giving back to the community. In doing so, many organizations raise money for various things that promote community growth. Being involved in such events can be a resume booster.

     Michael Giordano, a graduate of the class of 2019, and a member of Phi Gamma Delta, or Fiji. He says that “Joining a frat has helped him make connections and friends that will last a lifetime.”

     Giordano also says, “Being in a frat also gives you access to many things such as tutors and links to future opportunities.”

     Giordano is happy that he joined Fiji and would not change it for anything. He encourages new college students to enroll in some sort of Greek life. Also, he shared he had trouble with his accounting class. Through his frat, he was able to find a connection and get the help he needed to be successful in accounting.  

     Roma Ubaldi, another Foran graduate, class of 2020, is a member of the sorority Sigma Kappa at the University of Rhode Island. 

     Ubaldi says, “With Covid-19 going on, it was more difficult to meet people at school, but Greek life allows you to make so many new friends.” 

     Ubaldi attends many philanthropy events that she enjoys with her sorority. She explains Greek life as “an unique experience that everyone should try.”

     There are currently over nine million college students that are members of a Greek Life organization. Whether they join to make friends, to build their resume, to go to parties, or to learn leadership skills, they all have an incentive to make a change to some aspect of their life.

     A common reason that students are driven away from the idea of Greek life is the negative stereotypes that come along with it. Fraternities and sororities are commonly associated with hazing, drinking, and partying. Since 1975, there has been at least one death related to hazing every year, and 82% of them have been binge drinking-related. 

     Since 1825, all but three U.S. Presidents have been members of a fraternity. 

     According to Usatoday.com, graduation rates are 20% higher among students who are involved in Greek life rather than those who are not.
Another concern with joining greek life is the price. Many organizations charge semester dues upwards of 300 dollars. But this money goes into meal plans and fun events. Some frats or sororities even have personal chefs.

     When joining a fraternity or sorority, find one that fits you. Finding one that fits you is important because it will be easier to connect with your “brothers” and “sisters.”

     The most important thing to do if you are considering becoming a part Greek life, is to do your research about the house and all of its practices. Unfortunately today, there are many organizations that have gained poor reputations, either for terrible hazing practices or excessive partying. Make sure you are aware of the reputation of the house you are joining.

     All in all, if you are looking to make new friends on campus, give back to the community, and grow as a person, joining a sorority or fraternity is one of the best avenues to take.