Enjoying The Maritime Aquarium

A window into the Long Island Sound


The shark exhibit where there are 3 sharks and many different fish species in the tank along with them. Photo Courtesy of Caitlin Ardito

Caitlin Ardito, Staff Writer

     The Maritime Aquarium located in Norwalk has a wide variety of exhibits. With 2,700 marine animals and over 300 different species, you can get a first hand look into the organisms and animals living in the Long Island Sound. Maritime always has more than just marine life, they also animals from the environments of deserts and rainforest and they even have monkeys! The aquarium’s hours are from ten in the morning until 5 daily. Maritime also has programs and events where you can feed the stingrays and even watch informational 4D movies in their theater. The aquarium also offers public cruises where you can go seal spotting and collect and observe organisms in the water. The Maritime can be a perfect day trip and help anyone learn to appreciate and protect the ecosystem and environment.

     You can find a lot of useful information and educational opportunities too on the Maritime Aquariums website. This is where you can buy tickets, set up public cruises and schedule one on one opportunities with the sea life. Also on their website you can also sign up for school programs and camps.

     Currently the Maritime aquarium is in the process of a new addition for their seals and this can give them a bigger habitat and a new perspective to explore the seals and the new exhibit.

Entering the Maritime Aquarium, they have a sign on what the aspire people to get from their exhibits. Photo Courtesy of Caitlin Ardito
The jellyfish exhibit holds many amazing but dangerous jellyfish species, these being the lions mane jelly. Photo Courtesy of Caitlin Ardito
Maritimes bat exhibit that is hidden in a darkened area. Photo Courtesy of Caitlin Ardito