New Puppies Bring New Life

Sleeping Beauty : 1 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Obi taking a rest in the sun with his toy. Photo Courtesy Sam Cogan. March 10th 2021

Sleeping Beauty : 1 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Obi taking a rest in the sun with his toy. Photo Courtesy Sam Cogan. March 10th 2021

Ben Cogan and Sam Cogan

     With a lot more time at home and not many things to do, the world has turned to new companions in the form of puppies to fill the void.

     Puppies have always been a household favorite for new pets; however, only recently have households across the world seen a spike in the amount of new puppies bought due to their newfound time at home.

     Being stuck at home can create negative feelings such as boredom and loneliness, and many people’s solution to these issues has been to buy a puppy. Puppies can bring a sense of happiness and joy with them, as new puppy owner Delia Dimaio describes, “Although having a puppy is a giant amount of responsibility adding one to the family has been a great addition”. Not only can they provide happiness but in some cases, but they can bring a family closer together. Dimaio says, “ [Our puppy] makes everyone laugh with how clumsy he is, and in the end me and my family have connected more because of the little guy.”

     New puppies are great additions to any household looking for new love, however alongside the warmth of their company they also bring along a hefty price.

     The average price of buying the puppy ranges from $1,100-$5,000. Not only is there a price for the dog to be wary of but there’s also the cost of all the necessary supplies such as a crate, toys, and food.

     These extra necessities range in total from $125-$824 each month monthly means many people wait until they know for sure that they can afford a puppy before buying one.

     Foran alumni and teacher Mr. Zachary Phelan says “we got our puppy 3 weeks ago, We love dogs and we’re finally in a responsible financial spot to have a puppy and we just moved into a house with a large backyard.”

     Not only is having a puppy quite expensive, but it’s also a huge responsibility. As a young puppy, it has to be cared for constantly and can’t be left alone for very long which can create some scheduling issues. Not only that, but most people getting these puppies have no prior experience training and caring for them which can result in misbehaving and irritating dogs.

     As a return to normality begins, less time is being spent in the house and around the puppy. Due to the puppies growing up experiencing constant attention while everyone was home for long time periods, many puppies have started to obtain symptoms of separation anxiety as people go back to work, school, and other activities away from home. This anxiety is able to be resolved however it may cause puppy tantrums from time to time.

     There are negatives but the positives of getting a new puppy far outweigh the negatives. Due to the puppies’ need for exercise, people have been getting outside more and getting in shape alongside their energetic companion, the lives of those with puppies has become more lively and brought more joy in a time it was needed.

     Having a puppy at home can also bring a change in pace for how the parents or the children spend their time.

     Avangrid Labor Relations Manager Jose Santana says, ¨The puppy is the healthiest alternative to today’s technology and is the perfect thing for the kids.¨