Spreading Awareness to Sheltered Animals


A cat that is currently living at the shelter looking for a home. Photo courtesy of Gary Farrar Jr.

Aidan Davis, Staff Writer

     No animal should belong in a shelter, every animal should have a home and more people should adopt animals. Animals do not deserve to be abandoned, or left to die. They also should belong to a kind family who will love and nurture him. If people are looking for animals they should go to the shelter as a first resort to give pets a home. 

     In Milford there is a shelter run by the town of Milfords’ Animal Control, which is called the Milford Animal Shelter. The owner of the Shelter is Scott Ellingson, he is the head animal control officer. 

     Ellingson believes the best way to spread awareness is “A lot of times, we use social media, the news, and newspapers to show that we have these animals inside the shelter.”

     Ellingson believes that he is doing a great job with spreading awareness for the animals to become adopted, Ellington says,”we have a very good adoption rate but with COVID, people have been staying indoors and aren’t really looking to purchase animals. But, we also only have four animals available right now so it is a good thing that they are being bought.” 

     Ellingson explained as well what they do at the shelter, he says,”Whenever we get a dog its usually a stray that no one claims, if there is no owner the dog then it becomes evaluated to see if the dog is adoptable then if it can, the dog goes up for adoption. 

     As you can see Milfords Animal Shelter takes care of their animals when they are in the shelter and they do an even better job at sending their animals to homes. 

A dog that is currently living at the shelter in search of a new home. Photo Courtesy of Gary Farrar Jr.
The outside of Animal Control. Photo courtesy of Gary Farrar Jr.
Animal Control Vehicle. Photo Courtesy of Garry Farrar Jr.