Celebrating Through Street Signs


The start of it all: this street sign was decorated back in December when the trend was first starting to go around. Photo Courtesy: Morgan Viesselman, December 12, 2020


     Whenever holidays roll around, every town has their own tradition that happens every year within the community. Whether it’s a parade or gathering on the green, things are different this year and have to be modified for Covid safety. 

     Around Christmas time a member of the Milford community, Sharon Rutledge, decorated her nearest street sign with garland and bows and encouraged the rest of Milford to do the same in a post on Facebook. A few days later, almost all of the street signs on the Woodmont side of Milford were decorated for the Christmas season. 

     Rutledge said, “I’m just happy that people are having fun. It’s something they can do Covid-safely and just bring some joy.”

     Beach Avenue in Milford always has a decorated street sign that the community loves to see. Whether it’s decorated with streamers and hearts for Valentine’s Day or masks and hand sanitizer for Covid-19, you will always find fun decorations on this sign. This road is a popular cut through for people taking a walk or drive along the beach, so this sign gets a lot of recognition from the public already. 

     Milford’s neighboring town, West Haven, has picked up on this trend and has signs decorated as well. Not only for Christmas, but other holidays like Easter and previously Saint Patrick’s Day. This may be a small activity but it makes a big impact on the community and people passing through. Even during a worldwide pandemic, it gives communities a sense of unity and hope on holidays.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!: The sign on Beach Ave. is decorated with leprechauns and shamrocks for St. Patty’s Day this year. Photo courtesy: Luca Marinelli, March 16, 2021
Hopping into April: West Haven decorates the signs around the traffic circle with rabbits and bright colored garland for Easter. Photo courtesy: Morgan Viesselman, March 20, 2021
Take 2: The street sign on Beach Ave has been redecorated for Easter time. Photo courtesy: Morgan Viesselman, March 20, 2021