Exploring Local Trails: Nature’s Beauty Around Us


Turkey Hill’s Start Point: The sign posted in front of the opening of Turkey Hill Hiking Area. Photo courtesy: Kathleen Chang, March 12, 2021.

Kathleen Chang, Staff Writer

     With warmer weather approaching and another cold winter season left behind, hiking is making its way back into people’s schedules as more activities move outside. Around the Milford area, there are numerous hiking trails at local citizens’ disposal—including Turkey Hill located in Orange and Solomon Woods right here in Milford. 

     Each trail is uniquely different from the others, containing their own hidden traits that make them stand out individually. Turkey Hill, for example, is actually a loop, meaning that hikers are able to complete their trek without the hassle of tracing their steps back by heading back in the direction they came from.

     After staying inside for an extended period of time, hiking outdoors provides sanctuary to those who want to be one with nature. The venture combines the best of both worlds, through the chance to exercise and to view the natural world surrounding us.

     When life gets difficult and overwhelming, activities such as hiking show the brighter side and remind us that beauty in the little things is easily discoverable.

A Frozen Over Pond: Snow and ice still can be seen on this pond at Turkey Hill. Photo courtesy: Kathleen Chang, March 12, 2021.
Light Through the Trees: Sunlight peeks through the trees at the Solomon Woods trail. Photo courtesy: Kathleen Chang, March 13, 2021.
A Bird Soaring Above: A hawk flies above Solomon Woods. Photo courtesy: Kathleen Chang, March 13, 2021.