The start of 2021 Spring Sports

Is this the first step to normalcy?


The Foran Tennis team back on the court, working hard during practice Photo courtesy: Kyle Zarnoch: March 26, 2021.

Kyle Zarnoch, Staff Writer

     When the Coronavirus pandemic struck the world in early 2020, the cancellation of many high school sports left many players disappointed. With 2021 here and the pandemic on the decline, we have seen the return of athletics. Although the sports include strict protocols, many players are just thankful to be back.

     Junior Trey Deitelbaum, when asked how he feels about finally getting to play high school baseball, responded, “It feels great to be back out on the field after missing last season and I’m very excited to see a huge step forward in the pandemic.”

     When asked if he thinks the world is returning to normalcy with the return of spring sports, Junior lacrosse player Andrew Kupson says,“…I do feel a sense of normalcy because being back out on the field with my teammates remind me of times before the pandemic and obviously with the loss of last season this shows we’re making progress in the situation” 

     Foran varsity baseball coach Garrett Walker adds, “I know it’s something we’ve all been looking forward to and something all of us needed. It was unfortunate to have last season canceled, but I think it made us all understand how valuable sports are to our youth.”

     This year more than ever, pending protocols and spectator rules, we encourage everybody to get out and support one of these various spring games no matter the team, sport, or opponent.

Part of the baseball team warming up getting ready for their second big day of tryouts Photo courtesy: Kyle Zarnoch March 26, 2021.
The Lacrosse team warming up to start their second practice back from the offseason Photo courtesy: Kyle Zarnoch: March 26, 2021.
Senior Nico Espsosito in the middle of a serve during a friendly match against one of his teammates at practice Photo courtesy: Kyle Zarnoch Date of photo: March 26, 2021.