Riding Into Senior Prom

Seniors Set to Take Over Quassy


The Official Senior Prom Flyer. Photo Courtesy: Mane Streer Mirror, March 9, 2021.

Lauren Ardolino

     Prom tends to be a night to look forward to for many high school students. However, school dances in the year of 2021 look a little different in comparison to previous years. Covid-19 has caused many proms around the nation to be canceled due to the precautions that needed to be taken, such as social distancing and wearing a mask. Yet the Milford Board of Education came up with a solution. This year, the Foran High School seniors will be attending their prom at Quassy, the amusement park located in Middlebury, on May 20.

     There will be free transportation to the prom, free food and dancing. The event will be all outside and the attendees will be able to ride the rides as well. Foran came upon this venue once it was clear that, due to health and safety regulations, it needed to be an outdoor location where Foran would be the only school present.

     Principal Mr. Max Berkowitz states, “Quassy was an ideal choice because Foran will be the only school there on May 20 and it will allow for a fun experience that includes dancing, raffles, and rides at the park. Quassy has to abide by health and safety regulations that are aligned with Milford’s expectations. This is a difficult year with scheduling events for large groups and there weren’t many viable options. This clearly is going to be a different type of experience but I am really glad that we could provide a fun and free experience for our seniors.  Everyone should go, you have nothing to lose!” 

     The Milford Health Department determined buses would be the safest way to move students to the location, so students will be transported in coach buses. The attire is semi-formal and the students are able to bring a change of clothes if they would like to be more comfortable for the amusement park attractions. The free food at the prom will consist of chicken tenders, sliders, pigs in a blanket, ice cream, milkshakes, and more. Students from different schools or other grades will not be allowed to attend the prom: the Milford Health Department determined that a Foran-only event is the “safest approach.”

     This year, the two class advisors for prom are Mrs. Newall and Ms. Lockhart. As of May 11, one hundred and thirty five students have signed up for prom, this can be done through powerschool and the deadline is Friday, May 14. 

     Senior Vice President Soledad Meade states, “This is definitely not what I expected for our senior prom but I think it’s fun and different based on the circumstances. I don’t think many seniors even expected us to be able to have a prom, so many of us are excited to have an event to celebrate before we graduate.” Meade acknowledges that this event is very unique and different from the proms that were held in the past. “Normally we would have our venue at a hotel ballroom and then take buses from the school to the Shelton Sports Center for post prom after the dance,” she says. “This year, however, we are all taking buses to Lake Quassy and will be having a combined prom and post prom. We are having dinner, dancing, and going on the rides for the night.”

     Senior Class President Eric Haig states, “I think it will be both a unique and exciting experience, as it is unlike any other prom we have ever held. I think I speak on behalf of most of the student body when I say I’m just thankful we were able to have something close to a prom this year, given everything that has transpired. It’ll be a great way to put a stamp on our senior year.” Haig senses this school event will be a very original and thrilling experience.

     This year’s senior prom could not have happened without the senior parents. These individuals donated numerous amounts of money to create this event and so that Foran can hold raffles while giving out great prizes. Berkowitz states, “I have never heard of a free prom—dance, rides, food, and transportation—and am so grateful that we could make that happen for seniors.  I am also grateful to our senior parents for donating so we could raffle off some great prizes for our seniors.”