Seniors in the Music Department Hit all the Right Notes


Trumpetist Kaya Vital: Representing her future college. Photo Credit: Kaya Vital.

Sean Ayoub and Bella Mema

     Music is a connecting force, and few people know that better than seniors in the Foran Music Department. Made up of choir, orchestra, and band, the music department plays all the right notes to bring the joy of music to the Foran community. Music is truly their forte. 

     Directed by Mrs. April Scepanski, Foran Choir is a place for all to sing and learn about the style of choral music. Comprised of two ensembles, Concert Choir and the audition-based Advanced Vocal Ensemble, there are seven seniors: Destiny Abed, Isabel Blanco, Sofia Catalano, Olivia Corbett, Joline Golino, and Katherine Parker, and Aliya Prosser, all singing their way to graduation. Choir President, Isabel Blanco, reminisces of her time in choir.

     Blanco’s favorite memory, “singing at the elementary schools every year,” refers to a holiday tradition where the choir visits elementary schools around Milford and sings holiday carols to spread joy and cheer. 

     Blanco spends time during class helping her peers. For her, the key to success is “making loud mistakes: if you mess up with confidence, you can improve and be corrected. But, if you are quietly singing or playing in the corner, you may never know that you are doing something wrong.”

     Scepanski adds, “I think this group of seniors has really demonstrated what resilience is. I’m sure this is not what they pictured the year looking like, but they have really stayed positive and made the most out of a very difficult situation.” 

     Foran Orchestra has some exceptional players, including violinists Ryan Bailey and Misai Lam, who have spent the past four years as members of the ensemble. 

     Lam describes her favorite memory, saying, “When the orchestra as a group played an April Fool’s prank on Mr. Juhasz—playing a separate music piece than was planned.” Such moments bring ensembles together and keep rehearsals whole.

     The dedication of orchestra members, including Lam and Bailey, has truly impressed many, especially Foran Orchestra director, Mr. Steven Juhasz.

     Juhasz says, “This specific senior class has taught me to always stay invested. The more I spoke with the seniors about what they enjoy and are passionate about, the more I learned how invested they are in music and the arts. Learning those things reminded me of the importance of encouraging people to continue being creative in the arts because it makes us all better, more complete humans.”

     From Boston and Six Flags to New York City, Foran’s renowned marching band has made waves throughout the community. Their competitive Jazz Band performs at events like “Pasta and Jazz,” which accent their prominence within the school. 

     This year’s senior class includes Kaitlyn Adkins, Joseph Bevilaqua, Ava Ciambriello, Devin DeMarco, Brett Dumais, Catie Giuntoli, Kayleigh Hackett, Wahaab Khan, Riana-Lynn Klisus, Thomas Kummer, DeShawn Lindsay, Leif Lund, Ryan Marren, Michael Maurice, Ethan Pereira, Kaylee Phung, Skylar Porter, Aidan Schumann, Jacob Shushan, Ashley Taylor, Aidyn Toledo, Kaya Turner, Kaya Vital, Devyn Weed, Joey Wydan, Mary Wydan, and Anthony Yanella, as well as President Mark Paine and Vice President Andrew Rozzi. They have all played an integral part in the band’s success.

     Trumpetist Kaya Vital recalls her favorite memory, the “Washington D.C. trip [her] freshman year”. The band often remembers times during this trip where tourists began playing their percussion instruments and moving their music. Vital adds, “Always savor the good moments and laughs you’ll have with your fellow band members.”

     Turner wants graduates to know, “[You] are forever part of the Foran Band Family and leave beyond a legacy of talent and dedication. Remember that early is on time and on time is late, be fearless, have courage and persevere…. I am proud of each and every one of you and I am a better human for having had the opportunity to know you all.”

     These individuals have dedicated part of their high school career to their ensembles, and deserve to be celebrated. When performing, it is clear that each of the seniors is a natural and none of their clear talents is accidental. With the state of the pandemic constantly changing, plans for senior celebrations are still under wraps, but rest assured that they will honor the seniors in a safe and enjoyable way. Foran Music thanks the seniors wholeheartedly for their resilience, and wants them to know that they will always have a home in music hall.

Violinist Misai Lam: Pictured holding her instrument. Photo Credit: Misai Lam.
Choir President Isabel Blanco: She plans to study theatre and art history, education. Photo Credit: Isabel Blanco.