Inter and Milford Unite


Clubs United : The jerseys of Inter CT and Milford United. Photo courtesy: Kevan Cogan.

Ben Cogan and Sam Cogan

     Inter CT Soccer Club and Milford United Soccer Club have recently formed a new partnership. This union combines two levels of clubs in an attempt to provide a clearer pathway for soccer players in Connecticut.

     The connection between the two clubs has been around for a few years, but it was in the past month that the clubs made the partnership official. Managing Director of Inter CT, Leon Othen says, “My first experience of coaching with Milford United Soccer Club was in 2006. It is great to have been so closely connected to the club at the grass roots level since that time and to see the children of my friends and neighbors enjoy the program over the years.”

     The goal for the two clubs is to bring a more competitive level of soccer to Milford and to build upon the history of soccer in Milford, creating a lasting success for the community.

     Inter CT is a national level club based in Norwalk, CT. The club was recently taken over by Leon Othen and Marty Walker a few years ago and rebranded from Everton to Inter in the process. The club became a national level team in 2020 and coaches players from various locations across Connecticut.

     A recent trend in new players joining Inter are kids from Milford, with both Foran and Law players joining the club. With some Inter coaches stepping in to coach the Milford teams for the winter and spring seasons, many players have been recruited to join Inter.

     Players for Inter and Milford will not have to adapt to new coaches, as many of them coach in Milford as well. This allows the players to feel more comfortable and spend more time with their coaching staff.

     Some coaches from both sides include Pedro Oliviera, Dean Wiliard, and Foran’s own Rick DiStefano.

     DiStefano says, “We at MUSC are excited to be partnered with Inter CT.  They have provided us with a quality coaching staff for the further development of our players. Now MUSC players have a clear player pathway to elite levels of play while still being able to play community based soccer that caters to each players’ individual development goals. Soccer in Milford has a bright future!”

     Having the Inter coaches allows young talent to be noticed and brought up to a level where they can perform at their highest ability with other players at a similar skill level.

     Much like Milford United, Inter has teams for both boys and girls from every age range and multiple skill levels for each group. This gives all players opportunities to challenge themselves and allows players to receive specialized training that fits their age and ability.

     Marty Walker, technical director of Inter CT, says, “We are delighted to support Milford United Soccer Club by providing excellent coaching and a player pathway for all the players in town and the surrounding areas. As a Milford resident, I see first hand the level of player that this program develops, and we are excited to help MUSC continue to build their soccer status in Connecticut.”