Solar Panels Saving Energy

Are They Worth It?


A house that uses solar power in everyday life. Photo courtesy: Reid Waldron, May 19, 2021.

     Being in a house with the heat on, watching Netflix or the big game could be ideal to many people, but this habit uses loads of energy. This energy is mostly coming from fossil fuels, which ends up creating greenhouse gases. These gases are a major contributor to climate change. 

     The average price for solar panels on a home in Connecticut is about 15,000 dollars, which some people could see as a positive investment since the panels reduce their carbon footprints.

     Solar panels will make a significant impact in the future if they continue to grow in popularity. In fact, about 19,000 households in Connecticut have solar panels. Due to the low environmental impact and effective cost to homeowners, the option is becoming increasingly popular.

     The panels are covered with photovoltaic cells that convert light energy into electricity by harvesting photons. In other terms, sunlight is absorbed by the panels and turned into usable energy. According to, “The energy creates electrical charges that move in response to an internal electrical field in the cell, causing electricity to flow.”

     Posigen Solar, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is a local solar panel company. Trisha Maluski, who works in sales at Posigen, says the purpose of their system is to save them thousands per year on energy. 

     Muluski recommends installing solar panels, “because it’s a way to save people money and it doesn’t hurt the environment. And nowadays, people always want to save money.” Other solar companies in Connecticut include United Solar CT, Prime Energy Solar, and Solar Panel Solutions CT.

     Even teachers at Foran have explored this environmentally-friendly trend. English teacher Ms. Kathleen Defonzo says, “I like the look of the panels because they are quite flush with the roof and you may not even notice them at first.” 

     Defonzo continues, “The panels I have are very cost effective, especially in the summer when electricity usage skyrockets.” Defonzo is a very happy customer when it comes to the panels, and recommends installing them because they lessen people’s carbon footprints. 

     Utilizing solar energy has been proven to benefit the environment and people’s wallets. An article from USGBC by Taryn Holowka says, “Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.” This shows they are good for the environment, save people money, and make customers happy.