How Key Club, Natural Helpers, and Best Buddies Make Foran a Better Place


Lauren Ardolino

A Fun Foran Insight: Bulletin board listing all of the Key Club Officers and future events to come. Photo courtesy: Lauren Ardolino, September 20, 2021.

Lauren Ardolino, Social Media Editor

     Numerous clubs at Foran are back for the upcoming school year. Organizations such as Natural Helpers, Key Club, and Best Buddies club are displaying flyers and looking for new members to join.

     The Foran community thrives on after-school clubs. These meetings can unite a school community and help make the school a more inclusive place.

     Key Club takes place every Tuesday after school. This club tends to be one of the first clubs that underclassmen join because it provides numerous opportunities for volunteer hours. Students work with nearby elementary schools, clean and set up popular Milford events, and perform seasonal work to raise money for Veterans. 

     Key club officer, Arezoo Ghazagh states, “Key club has impacted me personally because it has allowed me to meet so many new people not only within the school community but also the Milford community as well. I think the club has made Foran a more inclusive environment, connecting students across all grade levels while teaching teamwork skills that students will be able to apply throughout their lives.”

     Another interactive club within the school community is the Best Buddies club. This organization focuses on collaborating with students who are affected by disabilities. This club is run by Mrs. Kaminski and Mr. Raucci. 

     Kaminski states, “Best Buddies has helped students to make valuable friendships with peers that they may not typically make connections with due to differences in abilities. When we meet, we like to play games, watch movies, and make “small talk” as a way to get to know each other and develop friendships. 

     “In a typical year, Best Buddies would participate in more in-person events, including field trips to the Yard Goats and Dave and Busters.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we have had to alter our plans, but we’ve made the best of the situation and managed to have a great time.” 

     Best Buddies club focuses on talking about shared interests and hobbies, which can result in bonds and friendships that can last a lifetime. The club is still looking for new members. Kaminski states, “If you are kind, friendly and accepting of others, you are the perfect fit for our club and we would love for you to join us. We have so much fun together!”

     An additional club that has a large impact within the school community is Natural Helpers. This club dedicates its time to helping new students around the school, coordinating school events, and advising freshmen. 

     This club is made up of sophomore to senior year students, and freshmen are able to interview for their spot at the end of their first year. The club includes 61 students, four senior officers, and is led by Mrs. Farrell and Mr. Raucci.

      Senior officer David Gaetano states, “Natural helpers facilitates the connection between students at Foran. These natural leaders help to make sure our school is a safe and welcoming environment to learn and grow.  Leading orientation, encouraging involvement in the community, and being a resource for younger students are just some of the ways our Natural Helpers are able to make an impact at Foran.”

     Gaetano also states, “I would encourage students who have an approachable nature and a passion for helping others to join our organization because it allows students to build those connections that are a fundamental part of our school culture.”

     Foran offers many clubs and activities that students can participate in. Many clubs are seeking new members to help strengthen the school and Milford community.