Jack Cushman Leads the Lions as QB1


Foran Football in Action: Cushman looks to dodge two defenders on his way to the endzone. Photo Courtesy: Maria Crocco, October 18, 2021.

Chris Adkins and Zach Worzel

     Some key parts of a winning football team is having a good offense and defense, with the offense being led by the quarterback. Without a good quarterback, the team would not be able to throw the ball. 

     When Foran football lost their quarterback, it was time for junior Jack Cushman to lead the way. Due to Covid-19, Cushman missed his sophomore year. This year, he has to step right into the varsity offense as the QB1. 

     Foran’s head coach, Thomas Drew, says, “Jack is a great athlete who can improvise at the quarterback position. What makes Jack unique is he can turn a broken play into a big gain with his ability to extend the play with his feet allowing his receivers to get open. As great an athlete as he is, Jack is a better human who cares deeply about his teammates.”

     Cushman only has one full year under his belt, playing football his freshman year. The junior has to fill some big shoes, having the two previous quarterbacks go on to play at the collegiate level. 

     Cushman states, “It wasn’t hard for me to step into the offense this year. I played with some of my teammates freshman year. I know their strengths and weaknesses and I knew if we work together as a whole group, our weaknesses wouldn’t show.” 

     Cushman has a veteran receiving core in which to throw, with seniors Dean Ross, Kyle Pokornowski, and Anthony Edmond, all racking up targets. Through his first four games, Cushman has thrown for 638 yards and six touchdowns, and rushed for 192 yards and one touchdown.

     Cushman states, “My connection with my receivers has been good, they all have a good understanding of how to find open space or an open window for me to throw. They can all catch which makes it easier on me to deliver the ball and not have to worry about it being dropped. As the season progresses, we will all become more understanding of one another.”

     Ross, one of Cushman’s senior receivers, says, “The connection between me and Jack has been very good, we are friends on and off the football field, talking frequently and just getting along.” 

     Ross continues to say that stepping into an offense as a junior can be hard, but one positive is that you have a lot of room to improve. He has seen improvement from Jack since the season started, picking up everything mentally and being able to compete physically.

     Sometimes seniors tend to doubt the younger starters; however, Ross says he has never doubted Cushman and had faith he would be able to lead the offense as a junior.

     One of Cushman’s keys to success is his coaching. Coach Garrett Walker says, “Jack took in the offense quickly. There are a lot of moving parts in our offense. He has adapted to them all nicely. We are very pleased with his progress at the quarterback position.”

     Jack had a long summer of playing competitive lacrosse. This took him away from football training, but helped him by coming to camp in shape and athletically ready. He was present and supportive of his teammates any chance he could be there.

     Cushman leads the Lions in tonight’s home game against Notre Dame Fairfield at 7 p.m. The game will be played in honor of the Get in Touch Foundation. Students and spectators are asked to wear pink and bring donations.