BOO: Spirit Halloween Stores are in Season


Gavin Fanelli

Halloween Masks, Milford Location: Masks to complete any Halloween costume.

Gavin Fanelli, Staff Writer

      It’s the month of October, which can only mean one thing: Halloween. It’s time to get Halloween costumes ready and add a touch of spookiness to your decorating. Get ready and visit one of the most popular Halloween stores around every corner: Spirit Halloween. 

     Spirit Halloween is a Halloween store that pops up all over the United States. The store features everything needed to enhance the Halloween season, carrying face paints, masks, decorations, full costumes, animatronics, and accessories. They specialize in costumes for all ages and sell baby up to adult sizes.

     According to Kris, the manager of the Connecticut Post Mall location, “The Spirit Halloween franchise chooses any large abandoned building across America and turns them into a Spirit Halloween Pop-Up Store.” There are about 1,400 stores across the US. The manager also claims,“the bigger the state, the more Spirit Halloween stores are allowed” 

     The store stays open seven-ten days after Halloween, and all extra or left over merchandise goes into storage for the following year. 

     Spirit Halloween shoppers are in for a treat upon browsing the store. An anonymous shopper claims, “This is the perfect store for all Halloween costumes and decorating needs.”

     The anonymous shopper who has been a shopper at Spirit Halloween stores for years expressed, “They have visited many of these pop-up stores in other states over the years, but Connecticut locations are on the top of the list.” They also mention how similar each of the Spirit Halloween stores are with their merchandise, but that the Spirit Halloween stores offer more accessories for costumes than the retail stores have to offer.

     Rich, a Milford store employee claims animatronics are one of the top three items sold in the Spirit Halloween stores. These items range in price from $100.00-$500.00 for the most popular ones. Animatronics are robotic figures that react to motion or continuously give off an unpredicted scare. The second best-selling items are anything related to child’s play movies (props, costumes and make-up) and last but not least costumes in general, especially the Michael Myers costume due to the hype of the new movie (Halloween Kills)

     Head over to the nearest Spirit Halloween pop-up store to complete that perfect Halloween costume.