Winter Sports Finally Take Action


Summer Wrestling Tournament: Craig Mager in action at a summer tournament. Photo Courtesy: John Mager, September 12, 2021.

Luci Cappello and Lauren Stroffolino

     As fall comes to an end, preparation for preseason of winter sports start up and athletes begin off-season conditioning. There are a total of six sports and one club in the winter season that athletes can participate in, and be able to engage with teammates and coaches.  

     The girls’ basketball team offers a Foran High School off-season league during the fall on Sundays. The games are located at Hamden Hall Beckerman Athletic Center. 

     Having preseason workouts, or simply getting together as a team prior to the season creates stronger bonds with teammates. 

     Over the past year, sports such as wrestling could not take place due to Covid-19. This caused the athletes and coaches to become frustrated. However, with the wrestling season making a comeback this year, the athletes are anxious to start their season.    

     Junior captain, Craig Mager, an athlete on the wrestling team expresses his excitement for the upcoming season. 

     He says, “It feels great to finally be back with the team and working hard to have a great season together.” Finally being able to be back with the team is something that Mager’s been looking forward to over the past year. 

     In preparation for the girls’ basketball season, Coach Springsteen and Coach Asmussen usually hold conditioning practices, however due to the circumstances of this year, it’s different than previous years.

     Springsteen states, “We have decided to not hold conditioning for this season, because a large majority of our athletes that are trying out for basketball are playing a fall sport and will not be able to attend conditioning.” However, she encourages the athletes who aren’t in fall sports to do conditioning on their own.

     As of right now, winter sports are on track to start at normal times which is around the end of november and the start of December. The CIAC, Milford Health Department, and the state health department are all continuing to monitor all of the daily information. 

     Athletic director, Mr. Anthony Vitelli, is very hopeful for the upcoming winter season sports. Vitelli states, “I hope that everything continues to keep going in the right direction and we can have a full winter sports season.” 

     While the winter season is coming up soon, athletes should watch out for upcoming announcements of meetings, and other important information through the morning announcements,or here: