Student Spotlight: Will Heitmann

Taking on a Body-Builder Diet


Oliver Ardrey

Chest Day – Will gets a lift off for a heavy set on an incline bench.

Aidan Davis and Oliver Ardrey

     Senior Will Heitmann is a high school student during the day, and a gym enthusiast and Rite Aid cashier by night. Heitmann is busier than the average student juggling school, a part-time job, all while working towards his goals in the gym. 

     To achieve his goals, Heitmann meal preps all of the food he eats throughout the week on Sunday nights. He is trying to gain weight by eating high protein and high calorie whole foods.

     His meals consist of chicken, beef, steak, rice, and assortments of fruits and vegetables. Heitmann portions out these meals the same everyday, using one and a half cups of meat and only one cup of rice.

     “We meal prep for three meals a day, usually chicken or beef. We cut up the meat, cook it in a pan. Then we add a vegetable, usually broccoli, and we cook rice separately in the microwave,” says Heitmann’s father, Jeff Heitmann. “This is, in my opinion, a great way to add clean muscle.”

     Heitmann eats a very healthy and strict diet that would be very hard for the average student to keep up with, but he has tunnel vision when it comes to food. He attains his goals by consistently eating good foods and going to the Edge Fitness Club in Milford.

     Heitmann has just recently started his job as a cashier, and is beginning to bring in money. By saving his earnings, he can invest in things like gym clothing, pre-workout, and the contents of his meal prep.

     After going to the gym consistently for the last year, “[He’s] gone up in weights, double in everything.”  

     Heitmann continues, “I enjoy going to the gym. It makes me feel better after a long day of school, and working out with friends makes it even better because I compete with them and try and out lift them.”

     He describes his workout splits as, “Monday-back biceps, Tuesday-legs and shoulders, Wednesday-chest and triceps, and repeat till Saturday Sunday rest day.”

     One of Heitmann’s gym role model is “Cbum,” otherwise known as Chris Bumstead. Christopher Bumstead is a Canadian professional bodybuilder and the reigning Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner, having won the competition in 2019, 2020 and 2021. 

     Being a cashier at Rite Aid, his co-workers see the work he puts in outside of the gym to earn money and be a good employee.

     His manager Richard Pethick says, “I hired Will about a month ago and so far I’ve had no complaints, he caught on very fast and already has a great work ethic.”