Pfizer Announces Vaccine for Ages 5-11

Further Steps are Taken to Maintain a Healthy Learning Environment


Gracie Brogan

Vaccination Sites Around Milford: Pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS are places you are able to receive a vaccination.

Gracie Brogan, Staff Writer

     As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact schools, medical workers strive to make learning environments more secure. The release of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for ages 12-16 made it possible for middle and high school students to get immunized. Now, there is news about a vaccine for younger kids ages 5-11.

     The news will mostly affect elementary schools, where students are within the new age range for taking the vaccine. Predicting that these kids wouldn’t be vaccinated immediately, elementary staff took extra wariness while teaching, even though precautions like cohorts and limited interaction had an affect on the emotional and social health for these kids. 

     Second grade teacher Ms. Kelly Sholz says, “I think it’s a good idea that kids get vaccinated because there’s been such a huge impact on students’ emotional well-being and their learning as well.”

     Every school community is connected. Students, teachers, siblings, and parents, will all be affected by this vaccine. Families who have kids in the school system and members of the staff at Foran who have children soon to be eligible for this vaccine are also affected by this announcement. 

     “Personally, I look for advice from trusted medical professionals, like my pediatrician, or organizations like The American Academy of Pediatrics or the Centers for Disease Control and those groups are saying that the vaccine for younger students will be beneficial for keeping them from getting Covid and for slowing community spread of the disease,” says Ms. Lauren O’Keefe, “ For those reasons I think that it would be beneficial for elementary students and staff [to take the vaccine].”

     Medical professionals have made it possible for the community to open back up and slightly lift some of the restrictions in schools. Now, most staff and students are able to receive their Covid-19 vaccines. 

     As the wait for the FDA to approve these vaccines for elementary schoolers comes to an end, getting back to a normal schooling environment becomes more likely. Mrs. Barbara Dooley, a parent and English teacher at Foran, expresses hope for the vaccine and the strides to a safer learning environment. 

     “We know how dangerous COVID-19 is, especially for children who can have some pretty scary long-term effects of the virus,” states Dooley, “Because of this and our trust in the doctors and scientists who have worked so hard to keep us all safe, we are confident that the vaccine will not only keep our children safe, but vaccinating the youth will be an important step in eradicating the virus and bringing greater normalcy back to our lives.”