SRO Called to Duty


Gavin Fanelli

Photograph of Officer Taylor sitting at his desk with his fake dog.

Gavin Fanelli, Staff Writer

     The School Resource Officer program (SRO) is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of sworn law enforcement officers within the educational environment. 

     SRO Officers are trained to take on the role of enforcing laws, offering support as a mentor, and serving as an educator to all students and staff. SRO officers are employed by schools to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

     Hired 17 years ago by the Milford Police Department, Officer Taylor began his career as a  patrol officer, then moving to a canine handler of a German shepherd, and an SRO at East Shore, Harborside, and West Shore middle schools, leading him to his current post at Foran High School. 

     Officer Taylor’s duties include making his presence known with the student body, reaching out to the students and faculty about police-related questions, offering support, helping with any aspects of students’ lives, building relationships with students and staff, and most importantly, securing safety for all. 

     Officer Taylor believes his position has a positive impact on Foran High School, as the student body seems to feel comfortable coming to him for support.

     Taylor explains, “If another officer reports on a family matter, I now have a better understanding of the situation and family history to help guide the student with a positive future.”

     Taylor says he joins meetings and offers resources from his end, while keeping a watchful eye. He explains that, after all, what makes him happy is the seemingly positive feedback from students. 

     Principal Berkowitz adds, “Officer Taylor not only maintains safety and security at Foran, he is also here to build relationships with students as he collaborates with staff regarding education policing making a positive impact in many areas to help make a better community for learning to take place”. 

     Freshman Christopher Yannella expresses that he likes to know that SRO Officer Taylor is actively involved at Foran High checking in and offering support to the students and staff as needed. 

     “Officer Taylor’s positive presence is a good look out for the good and the bad in the school while lending support to the ones that need it. I do feel comfortable going to him if I need anything,” says Yannella, “Knowing he is a real police officer makes me feel safe and I know he will do the right thing to help while having my best interest in mind”. 

     Foran High School as a whole benefits by having SRO Officer Taylor actively involved in our school community daily as he plays a vital role ensuring that the school is a safe and welcoming place where all students can learn.