The Highly Anticipated Foran Wrestling Season is Underway


Foran’s Wrestling Room: The team sets up the mats as they get ready for the season.

Kyle Zarnoch, Sports Editor

     Last season, most winter sports suffered a shortened or modified season with the inclusion of masks and social distancing to keep everyone safe. However, there was a sport that didn’t get to compete at all: wrestling. 

     The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference did not approve of competition within wrestling leaving thousands of Connecticut high school wrestlers saddened. The teams were given permission to practice amongst themselves in a socially distanced manner requiring masks at all times. 

     The team participated in the very limited season with conditioning. 

     Coach Dave Esposito says, ¨I think that the sport was set back a little. It was one of the only sports that was completely canceled. We have a year and a half of teaching to make up for. Hopefully, the pain of that loss will inspire the wrestlers to work hard and be grateful for all they have. Moving forward, we can’t take anything for granted.”

     The wrestling team is already at work starting practice November 29, only four days after Foran ended its fall sports season Thanksgiving morning. For this season more than any, every practice counts. 

     Senior Captain Anthony Giordano says, “We all know that this season is going to bring us challenges but as long as we come to practice everyday and give it everything we got day in and day out we will be down the right path in no time.”

     The team hopes to continue its everyday practices and workouts during pre-season looking to get ready for their first match against Notre Dame-West Haven on December 15. 

     Junior Captain Craig Mager says, “I know my teammates will be ready by our first meet, I think because we lost last year, I think some kids have been waiting two years for this meet.” 

     Many upperclassmen agree that they weren’t doing it just for themselves, but more for their previous teammates who lost their chance to play due to last season’s cancellation. “It’s bigger than just the individual, when we wrestle we do it for each other and Foran wrestling.”

     Catch the wrestling team in action at their first home meet on Tuesday, December 21 in the Edna L Fraizer gym as they take on Fairfield Prep in a regular season interconference matchup.