Sledding into Snow Days


Luci Cappello

Snowman Challenge: Snowman created by Luci Cappello, Mallory Janik, Samantha Lavallee, and Reese Jasminski during a contest run by the Mane Street Mirror.

Luci Cappello and Lauren Stroffolino

     Prior to Covid-19, students were able to have the day off from school when snow covered the ground and icy roads appeared. However, when the virus struck, Milford Public Schools made snow days into virtual learning days so there were no additional school days at the end of the year. 

     The Board of Education decided to give students snow days off from school and add extra days onto the end of the school year. On November 3, the School Superintendent Dr. Anna Cutaia sent an email addressing snow days, detailing, “For the 2021-22 school year, we will treat a weather-related school closing as a day off from school.” 

     These ideas have become controversial throughout the district. Some thought it was beneficial, while others wanted to have a normal snow day with the day off from school. 

     However, now that Covid-19 is slowly but surely passing through, there’s no virtual learning in Milford Public Schools.

     Many students disagree with this decision, as they see the virtual snow days as a better option because there will be no added days to the end of the year.

     Junior Shea Mahon states, ¨I would rather have online so that we would get out earlier and have a longer summer because summer is more enjoyable than winter…¨

     Adding days onto the end of the school year may affect planned vacations that families have already booked. However, people also feel that having the day off in winter is a nice break to have once in a while.

     Junior Mallory Janik, enjoys having the day off from school more than virtual learning. She states, “It’s a good day to relax, get comfy, sit by the fire, watch Christmas movies, and drink hot cocoa. I also like watching my dogs play in the snow because it’s really cute and funny.”

     Having the full day off when it’s snowing allows students and teachers to have a mental health day, and be able to hangout with friends without stressing about school. 

     Principal Max Berkowitz says, “As of right now anything is possible to change…they are not allowing us to use a virtual day in place of a regular school day for a snow day.” He also states that sometimes in school there is more of a focus for students. 

     As snow is starting to make its way to Milford, Cutaia says, “When a delay/early dismissal/closure is decided upon, we will push out information to you via SchoolMessenger email, and post it to our district website ( and Twitter (@MPSctnews).”