Deitelbaum Commits to Bryant University


Trey Deitelbaum on second after a standup double. Photo Courtesy: Bob Young.

Aidan Davis and Oliver Ardrey

     Senior varsity pitcher Trey Deitelbaum announced his commitment to Bryant University on October 17, 2021. Trey has been trying to reach his goal of getting an offer to play baseball in college and Bryant was the second school to give him scholarship. 

     Deitelbaum’s statistics from the 2021 season were: 42.1 innings pitched, 1.9 ERA, and 45 strikeouts. These stats helped him earn a spot on the All-SCC second team spring baseball team. These statistics helped him get an offer to play baseball at a division one school. 

     Deitelbaum connected with Bryant after they spectated a few tournaments that he participated in when he played for Clubhouse.

     Deitelbaum will be starting his first year at Bryant in the fall of 2023. Next year, he plans on doing a post graduate year at a preparatory school. As of now, Deitelbaum is still searching for the school that he will attend next year. 

     Some schools Deitelbaum is looking at include: Loomis Chaffee, Salisbury, and Cheshire Academy, but he is undecided on where he will take his talents. 

     Deitelbaum says “I’m doing this (post graduate year) because I think it will be beneficial for my development as a player and student which helps me be the best version of myself when I get on a college campus.”

     Both Holy Cross and Stony Brook expressed interest in the senior’s talents through an offer and a scholarship, respectively.

     Deitelbaum’s take on the scholarship is, “I’m both very excited and proud.”

     Deitelbaum says, “Earning a division 1 baseball scholarship is something I have dreamt of and has been pretty much a life goal of mine. It is also very nice to realize that all of the hard work I have put in up until this point has paid off this way.”

     Deitelbaum claims that the offer “motivates me to be an even better player.”

     “To me, getting the scholarship was never the end goal and is just one step in the right direction. I want to be the best college player I can be and have hopes of playing professionally. That goal won’t be a possibility unless I continue to work harder than ever.”

      Deitelbaum’s best friend and fellow baseball teammate, Brayden Young says, “I’m so happy for him and proud because that’s been a big goal of his since we were younger.”

     “His commitment will definitely motivate others, especially younger kids that play little league.”

     A memory that Young recalls about Deitelbaum is, “One time we were at a little league game for his cousin and some kids asked for his autograph.”

     This is a very special memory that Deitelbaum holds because he thinks of himself as a “role model” to younger kids who play baseball and have the same dreams as himself. 

     Baseball coach and security guard for Foran, Garret Walker, has coached Deitelbaum for the last 3 years. 

     Walker says, “I’m beyond proud and excited for Trey on his commitment to Bryant University. They are a good program, and they are getting a heck of a ball player.”

     Walker also says, “Trey is what every coach hopes for. He is driven, he’s diligent, and he’s consistent. He thoroughly enjoys the game baseball, not just the playin but also the training and learning. I feel that carries directly towards Trey’s success on the diamond. He’s always prepared and ready to take on the challenge. Most importantly he does it with a calm demeanor, he doesn’t get rattled out there. He takes it all in stride and is always able to put his best effort out there.”