2021 Fantasy Football Season Recap

Fantasy Football: Professional fantasy player Mason Bryant playing fantasy football.

Jake Israelite

Fantasy Football: Professional fantasy player Mason Bryant playing fantasy football.

Jack Beaupre and Jake Israelite

     This year of fantasy football has been very surprising. There have been many busts and many booms throughout the year.

     Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, the cocenius number one overall pick, came into the year with his average draft position (ADP) also being first. McCaffrey, who averaged 25 points per game when healthy, just can’t stay healthy. In weeks when he gets injured or is coming off an injury, he averages just eight points per game. McCaffrey is now just the RB 42.  

     A running back that exceeded expectations and is now the best running back in fantasy football with an ADP of 10 is Jonathan Taylor. He has now become one of the biggest steals of the draft.

     Sophomore and professional fantasy football player Mason Bryant says, “Most of my players have performed as expected but one of my best picks, Jonathan Taylor I got later than expected and is now the rb1.”

     Many people have also said they would draft Jonathan Taylor with the first pick next year. This could be due to a ton of injuries throughout the league.

     Freshman Joey Gagliardi says, “I thought my team was going to be a good team, I had a lot of good players but some got hurt so I am five and seven on the year.”

     Some of these players include star wide receivers Deandre Hopkins, A.J. Brown, and Antonio Brown. On top of that, Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley stepped away for personal reasons. These are only some of the injuries that happened to wide outs this year that killed people’s teams. This is also a reason on why to not start the league draft too early as many players get injured in training camp and in the preseason.

     Health teacher Mr. Jeff Raucci says, “The past two seasons have been tough with protocols, athletes missing for Covid-19 or quarantining purposes, it is hard to keep up all the time.” 

     This is why it is important to have a deep team in fantasy and to stay on top of waiver wire pickups. Some of the best waiver wire pickups for the playoffs include running back D’onta Foreman available in over half of ESPN fantasy leagues. Russell Gage would also be a great pick up over the last couple weeks, averaging 20 points per game and is available in over 60 percent of ESPN leagues. 

     Whether a team makes the playoffs or not, they should still try to play spoiler for near playoff teams. This will make the league more competitive and fun for everyone. That’s one of Bryant’s favorite things about fantasy football.

     Byrant says, “Fantasy football is fun to play with people you know. It also makes you feel like you and the people in your league are more connected to the games.”