Wave Hello to International Friendship Month


Best Friends On and Off the Field: Cushman and Miller preparing for a home football game together. Photo courtesy: Nicole Miller. September 10, 2021.

     While there are many days throughout the year dedicated to friendship, the entire month of February is Friendship Month in the United States.

     Juniors Jack Cushman and Matt Miller have a strong bond with one another. Cushman states, “Friends are always there for you and if you are friends with someone you normally like the same activities, so you get along better.”

     Cushman continues, “Our friendship means a lot to me because we’ve been friends for a long time. Growing up we were always together at practice or at each other’s houses.”

     Having a best friend, or simply a friend that is trustworthy, caring and respectful, can immensely benefit someone’s life. 

     Health teacher, Mr. Jeffery Raucci states, “Friendship and support from others helps release a hormone called ‘oxytocin’ which is a stress hormone and helps manage stressful situations and is a huge reason why people are told to talk things out to help in certain situations.” 

     Trustworthy friendships are so important to have within a strong relationship because a true friendship allows one another to rely on each other. Trust has such a huge impact on a friendship because it’s important for people to know that their friends won’t betray them.

     International Friendship Month has such a huge impact over the world. Friendships can make one live longer. Being able to socialize with one another and spending time with each other, helps keep their mental well-being stronger and gives them a substantial reason to get through difficult situations in life.

     February 11 is National Make a Friend Day. This intertwines with this month because making a new friend can not only add another person into your life who will be there for you, but also can help get you through hard times in your life. 

     Astronomy teacher Laura Donovan says, “I met my best friend when I was six, and we’re still best friends to this day. I look back on my childhood and have such fond memories of it because simply we’ve shared so many experiences together as we grew up. Most experiences were good, some were bad – but no matter what, she was by my side for all of them.”

     Countries worldwide celebrate friendship day, including Mexico, Ecuador, and India among others. There are many ways to celebrate friendships people have made, and how they’ve impacted people’s lives by adding happiness, loyalty, and care into their days. 

     Guidance counselor Jennifer Bier says, “I truly believe it is not about quantity, but quality and I am lucky to have found a great group of forever friends.”