And, Action!

Students Comment on Morning Announcement Broadcast


Kaleigh Porcu

The morning announcer: Ricardo Gonzalez poses for a picture in blue hall.

     Since the beginning of school, morning announcements over the loudspeaker have informed students about information going on in the school community such as club meetings, sports, and other relevant daily news. Now with morning announcements transitioning to pre-recorded broadcasts, many students share their feelings about it.

     With the announcers of the morning news being Ricardo Gonzalez and Azam Hostetler, both have been working hard in order to make the broadcasts happen. 

     Hostetler says, “Each person has a different role when it comes to the morning broadcast. For example, mine being to work in the control room, and while our talent reads out the announcements through a teleprompter, I start the stream, using a program called OBS to do so as well as playing the bumper intro, switching between various b-roll slides and then at the end playing the segment, and then ending the stream.”

     While streaming the announcements, Hostetler can communicate with Mr. Dillon who acts as the floor manager, through a headset in order to tell him when he will be switching back from the segment to camera, or bumper to camera.

     Hostetler adds on saying, “My favorite part of the morning broadcast is the opportunity to run around the school and film segments, as it is plain fun being able to interact with lots of people, experience new places and people around the school, and just having the ability to go wherever, having the time of my life doing so.”

     With Hostetler having such a love and passion for the morning announcements, he dedicates a lot of time towards them.

     He adds, “I utilize my first period TV Studio class, eighth period study hall, and sometimes after school as time to go film and interview people. It is a bit challenging at times with only two people in the class but me and Ricardo get help from the video production kids and sometimes other people.”

     Ricardo Gonzalez is another person on the morning announcements team. He has mixed emotions about the announcements going to broadcast.

     He states, “I prefer the loudspeaker announcements since I wouldn’t need to show my face. For some reason, I also find that I mess up more when being recorded whereas on the loudspeaker, it’s easier.”

     Behind the scenes of the broadcast room, Ricardo shares what he does in order to prepare for the recording.

     He adds, “We set up the computers and bring up the teleprompter. I also revise the text I read since sometimes it is worded rather strangely.”

     In all, both enjoy sharing news with the Foran community.