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Aidan Glass, Staff Writer

     Hello, my name is Aidan Glass. I'm a Junior as Joseph A. Foran High School, and took journalism to try and write interesting articles. I enjoy history and archaeology and will mainly cover subjects that cover aforementioned topics.

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The storage closet in which a majority of the Claude C. Coffin collection is stored inside the Bryan-Downs house. Photo courtesy: Aidan Glass, May 8, 2021.

Walking Through Time

May 31, 2021

     The Milford Historical Society, a small museum consisting of three historical houses, is a local place where people can go to learn about very personal and Milford’s colonial history. However,...

Picture of Quartz Point Found In Connecticut. Taken December 7, 2020. Photo Courtesy of Aidan Glass.

Uncas And His Forgotten Legacy

January 2, 2021

     The 17th century was a time of great change in Connecticut with Windsor, the first English settlement in the region, being founded in 1633. This new and alien threat led to conflict rather quickly,...

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