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Ashley Ciesluk, Staff Writer

Hi I am Ashley Ciesluk, I have been taking journalism for two years now and really enjoy being able to write articles to share with the students and staff of this school. My favorite articles to write reviews because I enjoy giving people a background on something that may be new to them and could possibly interest them. My favorite memory from Journalism was our trip to Washington DC because this experience allowed me to learn so much more about journalism and journalism throughout history while getting closer to my peers.

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Doping in International Sports: Russia Banned From 2020 Olympics

Ashley Ciesluk, Staff Writer | February 10, 2020

        At the beginning of December of 2019, Russia was voted to be banned from all international sports for four years by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Two major international sports events included in those four years would be the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo as well as the 2022 soccer World...

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