What’s Appening?

Jacqueline Fernous

Staff Writer

While surfing the web for the next two apps to talk about this month, I came across Foran’s Media Center site where Mrs. Pellegrino shared a link to 40 apps useful for school. While looking, I found a great app called “Popplet.”

Popplet whats app JF

Popplet is very similar to Spiderscribe and Prezi. It is used for organizing notes and projects into something that is very easy to read and clearly present. Popplet can be used for school and work purposes and is very quick to learn.

When opening the application the first time, a box shows up in the corner that gives step by step instructions on how to use the functions on the site. A good thing about this app is that it is available online and on smartphones.

So you can access Popplet virtually anywhere. Popplet is very customizable especially in the sense that it allows you to draw things anywhere on the presentation, which is something that neither Spiderscribe nor Prezi can do. And for those teachers who are looking for new ways to present their information to their classes, this can be a very useful tool for them as well. Popplet presentations can be printed and given out to students as well.

Another app that I have come across is called “Aurasma” and this is a very interesting and somewhat complicated app to understand. It is probably most beneficial for students who are drawn more to the arts and graphic design. The basic idea of the app is to upload what are called “trigger pictures” and then to add an “overlay,” which can consist of images, videos, 3D scenes or models. Formats include: MP4, FLV, PNG, JPEG and .TAR (3D). Then a channel must be created which is where all of your Aura’s are stored.

The app allows people to create images that are personal to them and express a message through more than a simple picture and a few words. The location of your trigger image can be added so others can see where it was taken. Aurasma is very useful for people who are interested in marketing and selling products because it sets your product apart from others based on the applications available on the site. It can also be used for “Advertising, Publications, Product Apparel, Point of Sale, Location Events, and Catalogue Questionnaire.” Both of these apps are highly useful and definitely worth a look.