Being Proactive with School, Sports, and Work


Kylee Payne

Foran Girls Volleyball: Senior Volleyball player Katylin Beaupre spiking the ball over the net. October 8, 2022.

          With only 24 hours in the day, it is difficult for student athletes to balance school and sports. How can they manage a part time job as well? In order to successfully maintain commitments, some students may have to balance a full schedule. 

          Although it may seem easy to get overwhelmed, students develop many strategies to keep themselves in check with such a busy schedule. Prioritizing important assignments, managing time, and staying organized are just a few examples. 

          School counselor Mrs. Jen Close also recognizes the benefits of staying busy. Keeping a busy schedule keeps students busy and involved in the community. How many students participating in school activities keep them on track with their academic responsibilities as well. 

          However, the key in maintaining a busy schedule is to balance all assignments. 

          Kaitlyn Beaupre is a senior, balancing many responsibilities as a volleyball captain as well as a hostess at Bonfire Grille. 

          “Write down all of your assignments that you need to complete along with their due dates and prioritize which assignments need to get done first. I also recommend planning out when these assignments can get done, whether that’s during a study hall, after practice, or during the JV game,” Beaupre says.

          Varsity athletes can use time during the JV games not only to cheer on their younger teammates, but also to get some of their schoolwork done as well.  Although this is not always the ideal option for other athletes on the team, it can be a good way to manage time if possible. 

          Another way to help out with stress or time management is to write out a to-do list. This helps students to visualize the work has to be done, and dedicate time slots throughout the day to complete tasks.

          One way that students can organize and prioritize their assignments is to use the Apple app called “Reminders.” Google also offers a task list through Gmail, which students can also access. 

          Junior Mason Hallstrom works a part time job at Stonebridge, and is also involved in the wrestling team’s preseason. He states, “A strategy that I use is to just take things one step at a time. For me, school is the most important thing, so I try to get that out of the way as soon as possible.”

          When students complete their tasks on time, it creates less stress because there’s less procrastination. With less procrastination, students are more productive, leaving more time for themselves. 

          Hallstrom continues to go on and say,  “My work schedule is pretty flexible, but if my work schedule makes me miss a workout, I don’t stress about it and just work twice as hard the next day.”