Every Seven Days

Foran Booster Club’s “Athlete of the Week” Continues


Foran High School

Triumph on the Track: Senior Isaiah Moore in athlete of the week shirt, December 12, 2022.

          Whether it’s on a track, court, field, or in a pool, Foran highlights a special athlete each week. Athlete of the Week is an honor given out by the Booster club to an athlete that outperformed that week. They are shown and rewarded on the Friday news, sent out by Principal Max Berkowitz. 

          According to the athletic director Mr. Anthony Vitelli, the booster club started sponsoring this recognition seven years ago. The process of choosing an athlete is quite simple, each week head coaches from each sport nominates a deserving varsity athlete. Vitelli then goes through the nominations and announces the winning athlete. 

          The selected athletes are given a t- shirt, funded by the booster club. The shirt is white with a red lion paw print, red lettering and blue lettering. 

          Vitelli states, “I think it is a nice honor to recognize our student athletes for their achievements.”

          This award can be seen as rewarding  for athletes because it is a token of physical proof for their determination and hard work. 

          Senior Isaiah Moore adds, “At first, it wasn’t a goal of mine to achieve athlete of the week but when I got it, I was very happy that my hard work has paid off in some way.”

          The honor can also be seen as an encouragement to perform even better than before.

          Junior swimmer Jacob Collette says,  “I feel more determined to reach my goals and do my best by the end of the season. It was not a goal of mine but it is nice to be recognized.” 

          Collette was named athlete of the week due to winning the 100m freestyle race with a time of 52.19. Which is only three seconds away from breaking the school record. 

          Athlete of the Week can also be a competitive achievement.

         Vitelli states, “Many time’s we have had several deserving student-athletes.¨ 

          Making it even more difficult to reach, but especially more satisfying to see your picture outside of Mr. Vitelli’s office. 

          Senior Luke Cruz backs this up with, ¨After breaking the record, every personal record I set so far, would be a new record, and that thought combined with being athlete of the week pushes me to be the best I can be.¨ 

          Overall, The athlete of the week is a motivational tool for athletes. The athlete of the week can only encourage Foran’s athletes to outperform and earn this honor.  Highlighting athletes when they excel and giving credit to their achievements is valued in the Foran community.