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Triumph on the Track: Senior Isaiah Moore in athlete of the week shirt, December 12, 2022.

Every Seven Days

Foran Booster Club’s “Athlete of the Week” Continues
Jackson Doyle and Matthew Nolan | February 6, 2023

          Whether it's on a track, court, field, or in a pool, Foran highlights a special athlete each week. Athlete of the Week is an honor given out by the Booster club to an athlete that outperformed that week. They are shown and rewarded on the Friday news, sent out by Principal Max Berkowitz.   ...

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New Threads: Basit Idriss in his new UMass Lowell track suit, September 15, 2022.

“It’s Up to You to Hold Yourself Accountable”

College Counseling From the Class of ‘22
Jackson Doyle and Matthew Nolan | January 31, 2023

          Freshmen in college typically have a rough time adjusting to the new environment. It can be hard to find roommates, eat healthy, handle stress, and get exercise. Studies show an average freshman can gain up to seven and a half pounds.            Despite these concerns, some of...

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