The Impacts That Could Last a Lifetime

Class of 23’ impact on underclassmen


Robert Taylor Photography

Present and The Future: Current quarterback Jack Cushman (left) next to future quarterback Joe Gagliardi(right) on the sidelines. September 16, 2022.

          From leading in times of stress on the sporting field to helping with school responsibilities, to say that the seniors have had a positive impact on the underclassmen is an understatement. 

          In sports, senior captains serve as the model for the underclass athletes and can be huge for the future success of athletic programs. Captains inspire and give advice to these underclassmen so they will be ready when their time comes to take the field.

          Here at Foran there are 64 senior captains and one of them is football quarterback Jack Cushman. Cushman has mentored sophomore quarterback Joey Gagliardi (Gags) throughout the past two years.  Cushman says, “Throughout the football season, me and Gags would warm up before every practice, and basically do everything together during the practices. We would work on more mental things like film and training our arms.” 

          Gagliardi was on the sideline this year as Cushman threw for over 30 touchdowns to help lead the Lions to a school record nine win and one loss season. Gagliardi says that watching Cushman the past two years has been beneficial to his play. He says, “Cushman has really helped me with my footwork, which was an aspect that I was lacking in.” With Cushman’s experience, Gagliardi says he has been able to learn the plays and understand what leadership and teamwork really mean.

          Cushman also provides insight on Gagliardi by adding,“We are similar types of quarterbacks and I believe he will be very successful if he keeps up the hard work.” 

          Since seniors have four years of academic experience, they are very beneficial to the underclassmen by offering academic support and advice. Freshman Ava Deicicchi has gained the knowledge from her senior sister Julia. Ava says, “Julia inspired me to always work and try my hardest. She has shown me that hard work and studying pays off. She has always been a great role model to always strive to be the best person and student I can be. She always helps me stay organized and on top of getting all my work done.”

          With underclassmen not having their licenses, upperclassmen with licenses are huge helpers to underclassmen by giving them rides to school and other events. Sophomore Danny Johnson has relied on senior Joe Gaetano to bring him to school. Johnson states, “He really has helped me out with rides throughout these past years. If it was not for him, I would not have been able to get to school or participate in the sports I play.”  

          Sophomore Luke Hackett gets rides from senior Liam Young and he credits these rides to academic success. “With Liam’s commitment to school, he gets me to school early and this gives me more time to study and focus on work,” says Hackett.

          These actions can turn into good habits, as Hackett says he will strive to be as dedicated as Young next year. He concludes, “The class of 2023 could be viewed as the role models for the classes to come.”