A Guide To Foran’s Art Department


James Allen

Plude’s Room: A picture of Ms. Emily Plude’s room displaying various art pieces, March 21, 2023.

          The Foran Art Department has a lot to offer in its variety of course selections that provide students with an artistic outlet to express themselves. The department is made up of two halves, visual and performing arts.

          Foran’s Visual Arts Department is taught by Ms. Deanna Dotson, Ms. Emily Plude and Ms. Meghan Hudson and primarily deals with physical and digital forms of visual art. This includes classes like drawing, ceramics, photography and many more. There are even AP college level visual arts courses offered.

          Plude has been teaching for 18 years and runs all of Foran’s ceramics classes and many other art courses. She loves sharing her passion with students. She says, “My favorite part is interacting with the students and teaching them different ways of making art to solve problems visually that are also connected to the other subjects they study in school. Students are able to create art, boost confidence and learn how humans have used this subject to reflect on their culture, beliefs and historical events that occurred when specific works of art have been created.”

          Hudson has taught at Foran for 24 years and teaches digital arts courses such as photography and digital media and design. She states, “We offer classes that are different from traditional courses. We will challenge you in a way that you don’t even know you are being challenged. You will create some amazing things, and our classes are fun. We truly have something for everyone.” 

          She says her favorite part of teaching is interacting with students. Elaborating, she adds, “…sharing my passion for the arts with those who are eager and willing to learn about it. The best part about my job is watching students’ artistic journeys. Watching an idea develop into a work of art is a pretty amazing process.”

          The other half of the Art Department, the Music Department, is taught by Ms. Jessica Turner, Mr. Jason Stammen and Ms. Kirsten Karlan. Courses in this department consist of performing arts like band, choir and other courses to learn instruments like guitar and piano.

          Senior Noah Held, student president of the Foran Band, has been taking music courses since his freshman year. He says, “The music department at Foran is incredible. There are so many unconventional classes that you can take, classes like guitar and piano that are so different; more hands-on compared to normal electives. All of these experiences are incredible, like being able to get your feet wet in composing, like in music tech and making music on IPads in IPads and Music.”

          Turner runs the Foran Band and teaches most of the school’s instrument-based music courses. She states, “My favorite part about teaching music is seeing my students for all four years and watching their growth. I believe all students should take an art course at Foran since they are good for mental health, creativity and collaboration skills.”

          Stammen runs the choir and Drama Club. He states, “If they love performing, take a class like choir, theater, piano or guitar. If they love listening to music but are not a performer, they should take our new ECE class popular music in American Society. I love seeing student growth and helping students find ways to express themselves musically.”

          For more information about Foran’s art offerings, talk to school counselors, art teachers or look at the class catalogue.