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Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Azam Hostetler, I’m a senior at Foran, and this is my second year in journalism. I’m a member of the cross country and track team and I enjoy writing about various topics. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing video games, listening to music, reading and watching movies.


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Freshman to Senior: Tighe Duggan as a freshman versus a senior.

Four Years of Growth

The Change That Seniors Experience
James Allen and Azam Hostetler | May 17, 2023

          High school is often described as the most influential time in a person's life. Over the four years, people will grow and change into the person they are today. Foran is no exception, many seniors have taken time to reflect on their four years of high school and how they've changed in...

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Plude’s Room:  A picture of Ms. Emily Plude’s room displaying various art pieces, March 21, 2023.

A Guide To Foran’s Art Department

James Allen and Azam Hostetler | April 6, 2023

          The Foran Art Department has a lot to offer in its variety of course selections that provide students with an artistic outlet to express themselves. The department is made up of two halves, visual and performing arts.           Foran’s Visual Arts Department is taught by Ms....

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Co President of Japan Club: Nicole Hale poses in front of Japan poster in hallway, October 17, 2021.

New Club Spotlight: Konichiwa Japan Club

James Allen and Azam Hostetler | November 3, 2022

          A recent club fair at Foran showcased numerous clubs available to students and highlights the great opportunities the school has to offer. This year Foran has welcomed many new clubs, one of which being the Japan Club.           Mrs. Bradford, the Model UN and freshmen world history...

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Library Helpers In Action: TAG members meet inside the media center Maker Space, September 15th, 2022.

TAG, You’re It! Local Volunteer Opportunity

James Allen and Azam Hostetler | October 14, 2022

          The Milford Public Library is a great place to borrow books, quietly study, draw, read, or write. However, people may be unaware that behind the scenes there exists a volunteer program where high school students keep the library functioning and working. It’s called the Teen Advisory...

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May, A Time For Support: Flowering cherry tree blooming in the springtime, May 4, 2022.

Mental Health in May: Awareness For the Masses

Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | May 26, 2022

          The month of May is set aside to spread awareness about various mental health conditions and to help provide assistance to those in need. It was established in 1949 and is observed via media, local events, film screenings, and  also serves to help reduce stigma around the topic which...

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Dr. Castillo in Columbia with a patient : Photo courtesy: Dr. Castillo, 2018

Connecticut Non-Proft Healing the Children

Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | February 22, 2022

     Based in Connecticut, Healing the Northeast is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing donated medical care to children in need around the world. Established in 1985 and currently comprising approximately 2,000 members and 14 chapters, Healing the Children assembles volunteer...

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Interstate 95: “The Road Most Traveled”

Interstate 95: A Compelling History

Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | January 4, 2022

     The country's most traveled road, Interstate 95, commissioned in 1956 by President Eisenhower's National Interstate and Defense Highways Act, has a compelling history behind its legacy. It spans nearly 2,000 miles from Florida to Maine to serve millions of people, shaping lives for decades.  ...

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Savin Rock Then: Photograph inside of Jimmy’s restaurant of the park and what it used to look like.

The Story of Savin Rock

A Park Long Forgotten
Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | November 20, 2021

     Imagine walking down a brightly lit street, sounds from amusement rides and the roar of roller coasters echoing all around, the breeze of the summer night, people having fun and the smell of fried foods and cotton candy.       Today, Savin Rock Park in West Haven, CT is a nice place to...

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Local Businesses Struggle With Lack of Employees: Stop and Shop Store in Milford, CT.

Connecticut Faces Pressing Labor Shortage

Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | October 26, 2021

     As rampant unemployment and lost jobs ensued in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, communities around the nation as well as in Connecticut have had their labor force affected. While public places have loosened restrictions and unemployment is declining, there remains a pressing labor shortage.   ...

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The Big Red Apple: The apple statue at the Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market and Winery in Guilford, CT. Photo courtesy: Christine Nieman, September 12, 2021.

Fall in CT: Affordable and Enjoyable Activities

Connor Nieman and Azam Hostetler | September 21, 2021

     Fall in Connecticut is when families get together and take part in seasonal activities to celebrate the changing of the seasons. With the transition from summer to fall, many events begin to gain popularity due to their association with autumn.      When the seasons change, Halloween becomes...

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