Fall in CT: Affordable and Enjoyable Activities


The Big Red Apple: The apple statue at the Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market and Winery in Guilford, CT. Photo courtesy: Christine Nieman, September 12, 2021.

Connor Nieman and Azam Hostetler

     Fall in Connecticut is when families get together and take part in seasonal activities to celebrate the changing of the seasons. With the transition from summer to fall, many events begin to gain popularity due to their association with autumn.

     When the seasons change, Halloween becomes a highly-anticipated event by many. In addition to trick-or-treating, there are a variety of other Connecticut-based Halloween activities.

     An article from the Stanton House Inn, a blog based in Greenwich, states, “Don’t forget — Connecticut has some of the best Halloween attractions around.” 

     These attractions include the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, a lantern-lit graveyard at Mill Hill Historic Park in Norwalk, and assorted haunted houses. For more information on autumn activities, check out Fall Activities in CT: Everything You Need to Know.

     Foran Spanish teacher, Mrs. Jaime Annunziata, has a two-year-old son who she hopes will enjoy the upcoming season. Annunziata states, “I want to have him pick out his own pumpkin on a farm like he did last year, do hayrides, and I want Halloween to last the whole month of October with stories and decorations.”  

     When it comes to the age-old tradition of pumpkin picking, there are various local farms, including River Crest Farm in Milford, Treat Farm and the Sunflower Farm in Orange, and the B & B Farm in West Haven.

     Farther away is Middlefield’s Lyman Orchards, featuring nearly 100 types of seasonal fruit to pick, including apples and pumpkins, baked goods at the Apple Barrel store, corn mazes, and three golf courses. If interested, visit the Lyman Orchards website for more information. Closer to Milford is Easton’s Silverman’s Farm. 

     Junior Nakira Rembert recalls, “Silverman’s Farm has a petting zoo, along with apple and berry picking. You can buy pumpkins there too and get a ride to see the hills.” Take a look at the Silverman’s Farm website for more information.

     In addition to Silverman’s, junior Hannah Salsbury notes that Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford is another option for apple picking. It even has its own grocery store, where customers can buy donuts, apple cider, and more apple-inspired products.

     Salsbury says, “My family and I have a tradition of going to Bishop’s Orchards every fall to go apple picking.” Like many other apple orchards, Bishop’s Orchards has its own website. Many others will join Salsbury this fall as the rush for apple picking begins.

     The fall season brings an opportunity to spend time with family and friends outdoors in the beautiful scenery. When boredom strikes, take the Foran community’s advice and enjoy autumn while it lasts.