Christmas has Arrived: Seniors Reflect

This Christmas, seniors will be home, spending time with family as they gaze at their college journey ahead where family time will be harder to come by.

Abby Richards

Staff Writer

Christmas will be here in a few days and seniors are ready to stay home to spend time with family. Next year when Christmas time comes around again, things will be different for these very seniors. A large percentage of them will have gone to college (many boarding there) or some may even be in the military. While most will be home for Christmas many of them will not be around for the normal holiday preparations like baking cookies or decorating the tree.

According to, 52% of high school graduates from Connecticut alone go out of state for college (McLachlan). To put this in perspective, this means that half of the state’s college graduates leave their homes to board at college. While the other 48% stay in state, it is not a guarantee that they will be within driving distance of their home, having to board at specific colleges that are too far to commute to.

It can be hard for freshmen in college to adjust to being away from their families. Now, seniors are taking the opportunity to reflect on time with their family so they can remember it when they are away.

Christmas lights on the Milford Green were lit up this year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, getting the community into the holiday spirit.

One senior, Danny House, has plans to enlist in the Coast Guard for next year. Of spending time with family on Christmas he notes, “…it’s extremely important this year especially for someone like me. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have off or even if I’ll make it for Christmas.” This is a very different perspective than a majority of the current seniors because of the nature of the work that Danny wants to get into.

In addition, Hannah Turner states that “My family is supporting me throughout the college process, so the least I could do is spend as much time with them that I can.” Hannah Turner’s top school is Harvard, which is out of state. Shannon Thompson echoed these sentiments saying that “I’ve always been around my family and they have always supported me and everything I have done this far. It’s even more important [to spend time with family] also because almost all of the colleges I applied to are out of state, so I won’t be able to visit them as often. That makes this time even more important to treasure.”

For seniors, Christmas with family is even more crucial this year than other years. Jerry Lawrence notes how these types of breaks are like a reset. Next year, seniors will be away from their families for more time than they’ve previously spent away before and will, therefore, cherish the moments with their families this holiday season.

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