Too Overhyped? Quavo’s debut solo album is a flop


Ben Grunow

Staff Writer

The Migos are a three man rap group with artists, Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset. The group puts out playful songs with heavy trap beats and repetitive catchy hooks. They work together and produce many hits such as Stir Fry and Narcos. Although they are quite popular right now, many critics point out that the music the Migos are making is very repetitive and similar to all their other music. This is starting to show in Quavo’s debut solo album, Quavo Huncho.  

Many fans consider Quavo as the standout rapper of the group, with his versatile voice and natural star quality.  This, with the fact that he handles the majority of the group’s production, was only expected that he would show off his talent solo. Yet, rather than proving himself to be the best of the three in Migos, the album fell flat as an uninspired and repetitious 19 “song” collection. The childish lyrics and lack of creativity was all too similar with the style of the Migos but only lackluster as the other two were not involved. An example of this is song “F*** 12” featuring Offset. The song starts off with a recorded speech on racial inequality and social injustice, exclaimed by black activist Malcolm X. Yet it transitions into lyrics about cooking up dope and a chorus of the same two words (same as the title) over and over again. The message of the song was to protest police brutality and unfairness in the US, but completely misses the point with these very uninspired and non impactful lyrics.

Now, what prevented the album from going completely under, were the really inventive trap beats paired with special features including Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and Drake. With their appearance on the album and their distinct styles on the few songs they were involved in, they stood out from the rest, making them a worthwhile listen. The songs “RERUN,”  “PASS OUT,” and “FLIP THE SWITCH,” could be considered the best on the album because when the featured artists come in, their verses provide a fresh breath of air with non repetitive lyrics and decent flows, making each song quite enjoyable and original.

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Rapper Quavo showing off his ice as he poses for the camera. Photo Courtesy of Riley Wallace.

One student, Danny Silva, expresses his opinion on the album, “I was expecting more from Quavo. The album was hyped up really well, and it would have been a cool experience listening to him rap on his own, but i was disappointed on his style as it seemed he struggled without the other two members. Although I do like the songs Rerun, pass out, and lost, though.” Basically, as stated before, Quavo is quite repetitive in all songs, and only songs that are good are the ones featured. He struggled to show the fanbase that he can make it on his own and be a good individual rapper.

Overall, this album was not worth it. With the tedious and boring nature with almost all the songs, Quavo failed to stand out as the best in the Migos, making his first solo album a miss. In order for people to enjoy his music as well as the Migos, they seriously need to consider changing the repetitious state of their songs.