Boys basketball Team going from 0-3 to 3-3: How the players view the rest of the season


Captains John Shannon and Jason Giambra, going up for the rebound against Sheehan.

Jess Sanders

Staff Writer

The boys basketball team had a rough start to the new season, but is finally turning their season around. With the record 0-3, Coach Ian Kirkpatrick and the players knew that they had to do something to change that. Practicing hard and putting in a hundred percent, they finally see the light in turning their season around.

Co-Captains John Shannon and Jason Giambra, has encouraged their teammates to work together and find ways to keep this winning streak going. They still have a competitive schedule ahead of them but they have no doubt that they won’t continue to succeed.

Co-Captain Jason Giambra said “After having a rough start, I have no doubt that the rest of the season will go well. If we continue to work hard in practices and games, it will soon payoff. Last year, the team started the season off the same as we did this year, but we worked hard everyday and that work paid off, considering we went to the state tournament.”

Co-Captain John Shannon said, “I started varsity my sophomore and junior year, and I have learned a lot. Our team both years continued to get better with practice and effort. We all do our jobs on the court to get open and pass the ball around and find the best opportunity to shoot. Although that the season didn’t start off on how we would hope, I believe that our winning streak will continue. We have some very difficult games coming up but I have no doubt that we will put up a great fight and do what has to be done.”

Tyler Griffin, junior who has played all 3 years on freshman, junior varsity, and now varsity, states “I’ve been able to see how every team has worked together. Playing varsity this year is a lot more competitive, the teams you play are more aggressive and you have to make sure that you stay in the game. We have always done well with our seasons in the past and I see us keep winning in the upcoming games.”

All the teammates on the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity team would stay that they give it their all and make it back to states this year as in the past.