Everybody Screams for Ice Cream


Walnut Creamery, on 17 Broadway, will reopen on 27 April.

Abbie Mitchell

Staff Writer

As Spring slowly approaches, the people of Milford thrive for warmer weather and sunny days. A given for a warm day includes ice cream. Rita’s, on the cusp of West Haven and Milford located on 28 Ocean Ave, opens on March 1st and will remain open until October 27, 2019. Kalyn Cocchia, who works seasonally at Rita’s shares some insight on what it’s like to work there as spring starts. Kalyn shares that their first step is to make the public know when they’re opening. They also have to clean the store because of it being closed for a while. Cocchia shares that Rita’s must make sure the store is stocked with all of the necessary toppings and custard. They all have the responsibility to train incoming workers to prepare for the opening. Cocchia says, “My favorite part about working at Rita’s is that it’s on the beach and the location is really pretty. I also love meeting new people.”

Taking a walk to the other side of town, Walnut Beach Creamery in Devon, Milford reopens on April 27th and is located on 17 Broadway. Junior, Bella Pietrosanti who lives up the street from the ice cream shop, shares that she loves how close it is to home, and how friendly all of the employees are. She also says that she knows many of the employees and enjoys going there during the summer because it is so close to the beach. Pietrosanti exclaims that Walnut Beach Creamery makes all of their own flavors and her favorite is Sandy Annie. Sandy Annie is blue vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered pretzel goldfish and graham cracker crumbs incorporated but there is only sadly one batch made a season along with some others flavors that follow this trend.

Another seasonal ice cream shop, that has been established for 20 years, is Scoopy Doo’s located in downtown Milford, at 37 Helwig St. It has yet to be announced an exact opening date but they normally open within the first two weeks of April. Senior, Zoe Collins who worked half a season last year, shares she really enjoys her coworkers and bosses at Scoopy’s. “Everyone is so fun and it doesn’t even feel like work when I’m there. I also get to eat ice cream whenever I want!” Collins shares that their most popular flavor sold at Scoopy’s is Swamp. Swamp is hard vanilla malt ice cream, caramel, crushed Oreo, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and Malted Milk Balls.

Lastly, a well known ice cream shop that will be opening for the spring season, is Sundae House located at 499 New Haven Avenue, Milford. Sundae House has been open for a whopping 56 years and will be opening Thursday, March 14th. Sundae House is a family friendly business that was owned by James Simone who passed away last January. According to Milford Mirror, Simone’s son John was unsure they would reopen after his passing but Milford insisted it open for the spring of 2018. John Simone claims his grandmother Angelina Simone was the one who opened the ice cream shop in 1963. A current employee of Sundae House is Sophomore, Maci Pastir who says she enjoys working with something that she is so fond of, ice cream! Pastir explains how close she is with her co workers and says it’s a great environment to work in. Another employee is senior, Kaylee Sostillio, who shares how Sundae House gets ready for their opening. Sostillio says, “We have three huge freezers and fill them up with ice cream tubs along with homemade lemon ice and other treats!” Along with Pastir, Sostillio claims her favorite part about working at Sundae House is being around ice cream all the time, “I get to try all the different flavors and the people that work there are so nice.”