The Team That’s Running into a New Season


Emma Cote runs during an April home meet. Photo courtesy Jesse Figueiredo

Boys line up on the starting line. Photo Courtesy of Jesse Figueredo, April 22, 2019.

Annabelle Farrell

Staff Writer

What does long jump, running, and throwing all have in common? Students at Foran High school have the opportunity to do them all through outdoor track.

At Foran, the track team’s two head coaches are Mr. Rick Raucci and Mr. Peter Jambor. Mr. Jambor (boys coach) has been coaching track at Foran for 36 years and Mr. Raucci (girls track) for five. “I wanted to become a coach mainly because I love sports and I understand the benefits that athletics have to offer.  I enjoy working with and being around kids. It’s very rewarding and it helps keep me feeling young too.” About coaching the team, Mr. Raucci stated “I enjoy watching student athletes gradually get better each year at their events.  As they gain more skill, they grow more comfortable in the sport and as a result tend to get more confidence in their events.” He continued to add how he has seen this confidence grow into student’s daily lives.

Assisting Mr. Raucci and Mr. Jambor is Ms. Emily Lockhart and Mr. Jeffrey Raucci. This Ms. Emily Lockhart’s second year as a coach and Mr. Jeff Ruaccis first. He stated, “I really enjoy working with students outside school hours and the classroom.” He continued to add how an outside-the-classroom activity has helped him build relationships with the new students. Ms. Lockhart’s experience in track during her high school career made her want to continue too “I enjoyed the sport so much and it is nice to be able to share my love of this sport with my students.” She continued to add about a positive experience and sharing that with students outside of the classroom.

Although it is hard work, many students have fun in track. “My favorite part of track is hanging out with my friends and building relationships with some of the underclassmen”, stated senior Mike Melilo. Both indoor and outdoor track are offered to all grades, so everyone can participate. Freshman Rylee Tondora’s favorite thing is the meets. About her favorite part she says, “It’s fun to compete and I love how everyone is so enthusiastic and cheers for each other!” With all the events and grades involved, the amount of people makes for a cheerful environment.

Senior captain Nick Costantini has been in track for all four years and has committed to Southern Connecticut State University for pole vault. “I really like the thrill and just have a lot of fun with it and it’s really exciting on the fall down.” Senior captain Maggie Cummings who runs distance also stated, “when I feel pressure to do really good, I feel stressed and like I’m doing bad.” The pressure of competing can be hard but both have learned to hand it for four years.

Track also offers competition, Nick Costantini also stated about when he clears the bar, “it’s like beating your opponent, because the bar is your opponent.” Maggie Cummings runs against other as she stated “if the girls are similarly skilled as me, it’s more stressful because it’s like competing against myself.”

Overall outdoor track offers students to participate in sports while simultaneously being with their friends. Nick Costantini also stated, “I’ve really enjoyed it and it put me where I am today, it put me back on the right track.”