Being Vegan In The Modern World

A Diet, or A Lifestyle?


Plant-based section at the local supermarket showing many options that can replace traditional meat.

Nicole Jones, Staff Writer

        “You’re vegan?” Followed by a very confused look is the reality vegans face in today’s society. The term vegan is similar to a foreign language for some people but it is on the come up in today’s media. 

         Many people assume that vegans are only restricted to salads, salads, and even more salads but that is a stereotype that is proved false with varieties of new plant-based replacements in grocery stores and even some fast-food chains. Although it seems a bit hypocritical to have vegan options at fast-food chains that serve meat it is the fact that vegans are even being mentioned in this manner. It also shows those who are a little bit timid to go vegan that there are new plant-based options they can get on the go and don’t have to feel restricted when dining out. Burger King, Taco Bell, and Dunkin Donuts have all recently added vegan options to their menu.  

         After going vegan, people can experience an increase in their energy level and a decrease in bloating after meals. Kaylan Jernigan, a sophomore from Shelton High School, saying “I don’t eat meat anymore because I noticed it was making me very tired. Instead, I like to eat a lot more fruits, veggies, and beans.” Now, being vegan goes beyond just for eating healthier,  cutting meat and dairy out of your diet has a huge impact on the environment; from reducing deforestation to cutting down your carbon emissions. 

        Currently, there is a stigma around vegans caused from the sheer ignorance, mainly from the influence the American diet placed upon society. When we were children, we always told that we need the protein from meat to grow big and strong, when one of the strongest animals on the planet, an ox, eats nothing but plants. 

         Non-vegans tend to make excuses for why they could never go vegan, although the benefits definitely outweigh the cons they are usually concerned about. Junior Joey Wydan, a meat-eater, stated: “Personally I could never go vegan but like if you have patience and it’s something you want to try and do then go for it.” Additionally, Wydan says “ I think it’s really hard to go vegan and that the people that go through with it are really dedicated which is cool.” 

        Being vegan can introduce people to a new way of life and a new way to look at the food they consume. In addition, it can help your health, the environment and of course saves the animals. But don’t forget your B-12.