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Hi I'm Nicole Jones and  I am a staff writer for the Mane Street Mirror. I enjoy hanging out with my friends in my free time and playing soccer. I love eating burritos from chipotle and drinking oat milk. I'm looking forward to the rest of my senior year and having fun.

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Girls tennis seniors celebrate on their senior night. Photo courtesy: Coach Missy Kaminski.

Serving Their Way Through the Season

May 18, 2021

     A hard backhand and the ball is flying to the other side of the court, and it’s match point. The crowd goes silent waiting to see who will gain the winning point. Despite missing their last season,...

 Digital art photo of canceling diet culture Photo credit: Nicole Jones

Analysing Diet Trends: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

March 8, 2021

     Every New Year's resolution you hear the phrase, ‘Maybe next Sunday’ way too often. Diet culture has become a huge trend in the last few decades, especially near the start of every new year....

Foran Journalism and history department visited the MLK Jr. monument in 2019.  Photo courtesy, citizen in D.C. November 2019.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day: Remembering his fight to equality

January 18, 2021

     January 18 is a day to celebrate and honor Martin Luther King Jr. for sparking a revolution. The holiday is observed on the third Monday in January every year.       Martin Luther King Jr.,...

BeyBlades still sold at Target in 2020, they offer a wide variety of the latest versions as well. 
Photo courtesy: Nicole Jones

Nostalgic Holiday Gifts

December 22, 2020

     The month of December is filled with spreading cheer and the essence of giving gifts. During people’s youth they often dreamed about getting their top gift during the holiday season.   ...

Celebrating Friendsgiving to appreciate them. November 9, 2019 Photo courtesy: Emily Jankura.

Stuffing and Turkey on the Table

November 25, 2020

     Many centuries ago the pilgrims sat down together to eat and cherish life. Throughout the years, these traditions have changed, but Thanksgiving is still widely celebrated.      As Covid-19...

One of the many Milford houses decorated for Halloween located on Pond Point Avenue. 
Photo Courtesy: Nicole Jones, October 26, 2020

The Spookiest Night of the Year

October 28, 2020

     As October 31 creeps around the corner, many students and parents are talking about what their plans are for Halloween. This year, Halloween is going to be different compared to previous years.  ...

Freshman Pia Delcegno (on left) and Kelsey Kiely (on right) social distancing and wearing their masks during the first week of school. 
Photo Courtesy: Pia Delcegno

A Fresh(man) Start to New Beginnings

October 23, 2020

     The beginning of an era, freshman year can be the most daunting one of all; a new school, new people, and this year, a pandemic. This year's freshmen are challenged with different transitions from...

Anchor Beach, located in Milford, has put up signs encouraging social distancing. The sign warns people to keep their distance from others to stop the spread of Covid-19. Photo taken April 6, 2020. Photo courtesy of Kailey Howell.

Social Distancing Saves Lives

April 28, 2020

       Everyone’s lives suddenly came to a stop across America due to the coronavirus also known as Covid-19. In early March of 2020, all schools and any non essential businesses were closed to help...

Plant-based section at the local supermarket showing many options that can replace traditional meat.

Being Vegan In The Modern World

February 7, 2020

        “You’re vegan?” Followed by a very confused look is the reality vegans face in today's society. The term vegan is similar to a foreign language for some people but it is on the come up...

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