Nostalgic Holiday Gifts

A blast from the past of childhood gifts


BeyBlades still sold at Target in 2020, they offer a wide variety of the latest versions as well. Photo courtesy: Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones, Staff Writer

     The month of December is filled with spreading cheer and the essence of giving gifts. During people’s youth they often dreamed about getting their top gift during the holiday season. 

     In 2006, that top gift was the Wii. The Wii is a gaming console that allowed kids and teens to play their favorite video games. There were also specific work out games for all ages. This was Nintendo’s best-selling home console as of 2020.

     Sophomore, Lauren Roth stated, “I liked Wii Sports Resort so I could play sports. I liked it because I could have a competition with my siblings.” 

     Wii Sports Resort is the sequel for the original game, Wii Sports. This game was located on a tropical island allowing the players to play games such as bowling, tennis, and even golf. 

     Moving on to the year 2009, the most selling toys were Zhu Zhu pets. Zhu Zhu pets were robotic toy hamsters that acted like real life hamsters but without the upkeep. Each individual Zhu Zhu pet had their own name and backstory, allowing the kids to make connections with the toys. 

     “Opening up my Zhu Zhu pet was the best feeling as a child,” stated senior, Kyra Johnson. “I was so excited to finally have one and played with it endlessly.”  

     In addition to just the toy, the companies created homes, towns, and other accessories to go with the pets. Despite their popularity, in 2012 Zhu Zhu pets were discontinued. 

     One of the most timeless of all dolls were the American Girl dolls, first created in 1986. A child’s dream was to receive an American Girl Doll during their youth. It was an extremely popular, sought out gift. 

     According to The Official American Girl Doll website, over 32 million American Girl dolls have been sold through the company’s catalogue, retail stores, and website. The American Girl catalogue is the largest consumer toy catalogue and ranks as one of the top 30 consumer catalogues in the country. 

     Another highly requested and timeless gift was The Beyblade created in 1999. The Beyblade toy line skyrocketed fast, as of 2005 over 100 millions units were sold globally. It was a spinning top toy that you “ripped” to get it moving. 

     Annabelle Farrell stated, “I was obsessed with them and used to play them all the time. Me and my cousins would have tournaments together and it was really fun.” 

     Throughout the years children’s toys have now evolved into bigger and some would say better things, but looking back at  your childhood gifts can spark a new form of joy and happiness.