The Spookiest Night of the Year

Trick or Treating During a Pandemic


One of the many Milford houses decorated for Halloween located on Pond Point Avenue. Photo Courtesy: Nicole Jones, October 26, 2020

Kaitlyn Dalby and Nicole Jones

     As October 31 creeps around the corner, many students and parents are talking about what their plans are for Halloween. This year, Halloween is going to be different compared to previous years.

     With Covid-19 still on the rise this year the streets may not be as filled with the frantic hunt to collect the most candy. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has sent out its recommendations and guidelines to help keep residents safe. They have recommended avoiding direct contact with people, wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer. 

     On the bright side, people are still finding ways to go trick or treating safely.  Senior, Skylar Porter has a little sister at home who is excited for Halloween this year.  Porter says, “My parents plan on taking her to a local neighborhood to trick or treat, throw out the candy without her knowing, then buy her a bag of assorted candy and put it in her bag.” 

     Similar to Porter, history teacher Ms. Sarah DiGiacomo says, “My children are attending a small party with their school friends. I am worried that not many of my neighbors will participate by handing out candy.” Everyone is stressing about staying safe this season, while still wanting to have fun. 

     English teacher Mrs. Shannon Ramsey says, “It isn’t that I am stopping my kids from trick or treating, but we are not going to be going this year.” Many people are opting for an alternative that has smaller numbers and can still feel safe while celebrating. 

     Halloween is still being celebrated and different events are occurring around Milford to honor this celebration. 

     There was a Happy Haunt Hollow event at Eisenhower Park on October 22 through October 25, 2020 from 6-9 p.m.  This event planned by the Milford Arts Council and Pantochino Productions along with Eastbound Theatre helped Milford residents get into the spirit of Halloween and fun for children of all ages and their families. The event quickly sold out.

     English teacher Mrs. Barbara Dooley says, “The Happy Haunt Hollow event was family friendly and well organized. The groups worked hard to do something fun for families that would be appropriate for young members of the community.” 

     Dooley adds, “I hope they continue this event in the future, and I look forward to how the event evolves in the future.”

     Although this is a stressful time for everyone, there are still ways to get out, celebrate and have fun while still being able to stay safe and abide by COVID-19 guidelines.

     Click here for the CDC guidelines: