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Emily Jankura, Editor

Hi! I am Emily Jankura, a senior at Joseph A. Foran High School. When I’m not in school doing my work, I spend most of my time with my friends, puppy, or at my job at a vet. I still have yet to decide my future but I am excited to spend the rest of my senior year doing what I love with the people I surround myself with.

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Captain Lauren Heenan showing off her basketball skills.

Girls Basketball Season Ends: Recap

Emily Jankura, Editor | March 25, 2021

     Although the season closed, the girls basketball team had to compromise this year with a special night to celebrate the seniors.       As opposed to other years, this current season only consisted of one senior, Lauren Heenan. Having been on the team since freshman year, she made her way...

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The Common App is the main resource for starting the college process.
Photo Courtesy: Emily Jankura 02-21-21

How to be an Expert On All Things College

Everything to Know About Starting the College Application Process
Katherine Parker and Emily Jankura | March 12, 2021

     As the first of May slowly approaches, seniors from all over begin to commit to colleges, and underclassmen are starting to look into the process of applying.       The college process can be challenging for those who go into it with a closed mind, but students can tackle each step in...

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The Berkowitz Family: Berkowitz smiles in front of his home with his wife and two daughters. Photo courtesy Mr. Berkowitz.

Mr. Berkowitz, Educator, Parent, Mentor

Principal Leads School to Success
Emily Jankura and Owen McCabe | January 25, 2021

     Some students may shudder when they hear the words 'school principal,' conjuring images in their minds of an authority figure that they would rather avoid. But, Mr. Max Berkowitz, along with many other principals, prove that to be a false judgment.       Some students may know Mr. Berkowitz...

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Celebrating Friendsgiving to appreciate them. November 9, 2019 Photo courtesy: Emily Jankura.

Stuffing and Turkey on the Table

Emily Jankura and Nicole Jones | November 25, 2020

     Many centuries ago the pilgrims sat down together to eat and cherish life. Throughout the years, these traditions have changed, but Thanksgiving is still widely celebrated.      As Covid-19 cases are still fluctuating  and travel restrictions have been put in place this holiday season,...

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Photo courtesy: Stefani Reynolds/ Bloomberg/ Getty Images
Preparing for the upcoming election by fact checking information.

Fact Checking: How to Uncover the Truth

Mary Grace Weissauer and Emily Jankura | November 6, 2020

     In today’s society it is more important than ever to cite your source. Whatever you may be looking up, the internet has a lot of information, bias, and misinformation.       During a presentation from CCSU ( Central Connecticut State University) in , Politifact representative and editor,...

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The new turf field in the works for the next school year.
Photo courtesy of: Mary Grace Weissauer

Fake Grass; Real Field. New coming to Foran Athletics

Learn to Love the Turf
Mary Grace Weissauer and Emily Jankura | October 15, 2020

     The new turf field brings excitement for all sports, especially the soccer teams. After years of struggling with the field’s poor drainage, Milford decided it was time to fix up the field.       In a time of uncertainty for many sports right now, a new field is exactly what players needed...

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Inspirational quote for tough times. Photo courtesy @buddhadoodles on Instagram

How to Stay Positive During Times of Uncertainty

Emily Jankura and Mary Grace Weissauer | April 17, 2020

        As many lives have been forced to change and isolation has become the new normal for everyone, it develops a challenge to stay positive. The scary news updates and unclear answers about what may happen in the future can cause panic within people’s minds. But by staying positive and having...

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