Girls Basketball Season Ends: Recap


Captain Lauren Heenan showing off her basketball skills.

Emily Jankura, Editor

     Although the season closed, the girls basketball team had to compromise this year with a special night to celebrate the seniors. 

     As opposed to other years, this current season only consisted of one senior, Lauren Heenan. Having been on the team since freshman year, she made her way up to captain to guide her team and help them grow to prepare for upcoming years. 

     Heenan has been playing basketball since she was five years old, starting on the Bears,  and has always had a passion for the sport growing up playing. 

     The overall team ended the season having won three out of the 12 games. 

     Heenan looks back on the season and states, “This season is definitely going to be tough to say goodbye. For the past four years I have put so much time and effort into this team and it is sad that the end has come. However, I have full confidence that the juniors from this year and each grade will carry the team next year.”

Senior night pictures for girls basketball of Lauren Heenan.
Foran sending off their only senior, Lauren Heenan, this girls basketball season.
Lauren Heenan looking back on her senior season.